14. March 2023
Lecture by the Holsteiner ZSF: Digital success data with Rimondo and Hippomundo

In the afternoon program of the spring auction on March 25, 2023, the newly formed board of the "Holstein Breeding and Sport Promotion" association will present its first lecture: Digital success data.

In addition to a guest lecture by the operator of the Rimondo platform, the event will provide an overview of the various portals and their functions. The lecture is aimed at breeders and those interested in breeding without experience in the field of digital success data. The main issues are the following:

How do I find my horses? Where can I find the sporting successes of my horses? How do I find offspring of my horses? However, more specific questions can also be asked in advance to the representatives of the Rimondo and Hippomundo platforms. The ZSF presents the answers to your questions on behalf of Hippomundo and the experts from Rimondo answer them personally.

If you have relatives or acquaintances who don't surf the internet a lot but are interested in videos and success data on your horses, please draw their attention to our presentation. The most important contents are accompanied by a handout for the lecture. It starts at 3:30 p.m. – the ZSF looks forward to your participation.

Please email your questions to: zsf@holsteiner-verband.de 

Photo: f.l.t.r. Sabine Verhaagh, Philipp Schwartz-Hafter, Ute Ladiges, Denise Behrmann
© Janne Bugtrup