R+V Holsteiner Foal Championships 2022

On 14 August, the best Holstein foals were shown in Bad Segeberg to select the Champions of the Year. In addition to the foals with jumping pedigrees, where fillies and colts are judged separately, there was a separate classification for the first time for the dressage-bred horses. A total of about 40 foals had travelled to the State Foal Championships based on their previous qualification in the individual breeding districts. "The quality of the foals was convincing throughout", Sebastian Rohde was satisfied. 

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Holsteiner Theme Evening: modern reproduction techniques

Jannie Spanner from VetEmbryo in Denmark and Michaela Kölling from Vet Art in Dägeling have been won as speakers. They explain how the techniques work, what advantages and disadvantages they have and what costs can be expected. Dr. Christiane Müller is the FN Animal Welfare Officer and will emphasise the ethical aspects of the use of modern reproduction techniques. The invitation to the panel discussion was accepted by Neel Schoof (Deputy Breeding Director of the Trakehner Verband), Henrik Klatte (Zuchthof Klatte), Prof. Dr. Dr. hc mult. Ernst Kalm (former professor and head of the Institute for Animal Breeding at the Faculty of Agricultural and Nutritional Sciences in Kiel) and Olaf Rörden (Hof am Sylvert). 

Training impressions from the Isabel Werth stable
Bundeschampionat 2021
Crack advanced to the Bundeschampion of 6-year old show jumpers
Bundeschampionat 2021
Keaton under Massimo Bonomi - 6th place in the 5-year-old finals
a living legend!
successful in the Youngster Tour in Mannheim
Del Arko
successful in Ehlersdorf under Massimo Bonomi
Million Dollar
in Opglabbeek with Frank Schuttert
Stallion Show in Neumünster
Impressions from the stallion show 2020
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