24. May 2022
Foal Auction at the German Derby: High-Quality Pedigrees, Exceptional Foals

Next weekend the international equestrian scene is looking towards Hamburg, towards Klein Flottbek, to be precise, with the German Jumping Derby taking place on 25 – 28 May after a two-year break. This horse show which also hosts a leg of the Global Champions Tour, provides the backdrop for a Holsteiner Verband foal auction sale held on Thusday, 26. Mai. 

Roland Metz, executive director of the Holsteiner Verband marketing and auction GmbH, has selected ten high-quality foals to be put to auction at the venerable Klein Flottbek turf. Their pedigrees read like the who’s who of international show jumping. From Casall, Zuccero, Jasper und Vingino to younger sires like for example Crack, For Carsten, Chezarro and Vigado there is something to suit any taste. Two of the foals actually come from dam lines which have made Derby history already: The pedigree of United Derby by United Way combines the Derby winners Zera (Pato Muente) and Carassina (Thomas Kleis), and lot No 9, Collins Nephew by Crack, comes from the direct dam line of Toni Hassmann’s triple Derby winner, Collin. But not only these two foals are extremely interesting. Lot No 1, Cas Hope by Casall-Lord Z, commands attention, as well, with an international successful licensed full brother of the same name. Or for example lot No 8, Jardonnay by Jasper-Quirado, whose second dam is also dam to Max Kühner’s championship mount, Chardonnay by Clarimo.

You are also looking for a future (Derby) winner? Then you should not miss out on the auction – of course held in a hybrid format – on Thursday, 26 May at 17:35 CEST! The first presentation of the foals also takes place on Thursday, at 14:15. Until then do not hesitate to contact Roland Metz (+49 171 4364 651) with all your questions regarding the auction and the foals for sale. 

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