06. January 2023
Dacara E - Fighter, Derby winner and former auction horse

A sensation happened in Klein Flottbek in early summer 2022: The former Holsteiner auction horse, Dacara E by Cancara-Caretino (Gerd Eggers, Stadum), dam line 5064, won the German Showjumping Derby. Her rider and owner Cassandra Orschel sat in the saddle.

The Hamburg native, who is competing for Poland, and her 12-year-old Holsteiner mare are actually not Derby specialists at all, but rather very successful at “normal” tournaments in jumps up to 1.60 meters – for example in Herning (DEN) or Leipzig (GER). But on the Derby weekend, they showed in front of their home crowd that Wall, Birkenoxer, Holsteiner Wegesprung & Co. are no problem for them. Cassandra Orschel discovered the chestnut mare at the Holsteiner Spring Auction Sale in 2016. “She's not easy,  has a mind of her own and you have to make compromises. But she is also an unbelievable fighter, jumps from every situation, has incredible strength and no obstacle has been too high for her so far," said the rider, for whom the derby victory was the biggest success of her career so far.

Orschel is a regular customer at Holsteiner auctions, for example she secured the Big Star-Cancara son Big Bueno MB (Martin Bachmann, SUI), line 6879, at the Winter-Chance in December.

You can still register your young horses for the pre-selection for the Holstein Spring Auction on March 25, 2023. The selection dates take place in January.

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Photo: Stefan Lafrentz

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