02. March 2023
Holsteiner Guide: Broodmare Tests

The Holsteiner broodmare tests traditionally take place in the spring. Either as a station test or as a so-called field test. But how are these exams carried out? What are the requirements for participation and what are the advantages for the mare and her owner? The Holsteiner Guide provides answers to these and other questions related to this topic.

The station test
During a station test, the mares are stabled for 14 days in Elmshorn on the premises of the Holsteiner Verband. Until two years ago, only three-year-olds were allowed, since 2021 four-year-olds can also register. On the day of delivery, the mares must be ridden in front of the head of the test by their own rider. During the 14-day training period, the horses are trained by a competent team of riders and trainers until their final test is due. In addition to evaluating the basic gaits, rideability and free jumping, interior characteristics, which are summarized as a grade for the characteristic "willingness to perform and handling", are also part of the test.

The fees for the entire passage amount to around 700 euros per mare. This includes all costs (accommodation and care for the mares, training and examination fees). Mare owners who register their horses for the station test have the advantage that these 14 days are trained and tested under standardized conditions. A completed station test not only offers an overview of the strengths and weaknesses of the mare for an upcoming sport career or stallion selection, a good result later also serves to facilitate the marketing of the offspring. The next station tests in Elmshorn are scheduled for April and May.

April 17, 2023 Elmshorn (final test)
May 2, 2023 Elmshorn (final test)

Registrations for the 2023 station exams have already been made via the office in Kiel. The contact person in Elmshorn for the station test is Alexandra Bitter (abitter@holsteiner-verband.de, telephone: 0170-3825465).

The field test
The one-day field test has been carried out by the Holsteiner Verband in cooperation with the Schleswig-Holstein/Hamburg Stud Book since last year. It begins with the evaluation of the free jumping by two judges. The mare is then presented to the jury again under its own rider in a section of up to four horses to check its basic characteristics and rideability. Then the foreign rider test is carried out to assess the rideability. The mares should mount their rider without any problems and be able to be ridden in the three basic gaits in the arena like a remontant. The preparation guidelines are published here. Since 2021, five-year-old mares can also take the test for the first time. "At the request of some breeders, we are happy to make this possible," explains breeding director Stephan Haarhoff, "for those mares who still have some time until the start of their training or who have already had a foal."

In order to be able to assess the suitability of each mare even better, the evaluation can be based on dressage or jumping - depending on what the mare's applicant has indicated on the entry form. In the case of mares who emphasize dressage, for example, the basic gaits and rideability are weighted more highly in the case of mares who emphasize jumping. The final grade of the field test results from the weighting of the rating of the individual characteristics.

The Holsteiner Verband in Kiel accepts registrations for the field test (see PFERD+SPORT 03/2023 p. 179 and p. 180 or online registration). If you have any questions about the field test, please do not hesitate to contact Götz Hartmann (Kiel office): Telephone: 0431-305996 1, email: Hartmann@holsteiner-verband.de

April 19, 2023 Elmshorn
May 10, 2023 Elmshorn
May 15. 2023 Ellwangen
June 22, 2023 Elmshorn

Only during the first field test in Elmshorn (April 19) and in Ellwangen (May 15) is it possible to register the tested mares in the stud book of the Holsteiner Verband. When registering, please indicate whether your mare should be entered in the stud book.

To the online entry field test

Field test entry form

Holsteiner mares who are descended from a young stallion (1st or 2nd year of service) or a thoroughbred stallion and who have passed a mare performance test in Schleswig-Holstein will also receive a subsidy of around €500.00 in 2023. Owners of the mares in question who are members of the Holsteiner Verband will be contacted by the breeding department after the last field test (06/22/2023).

Photos: Janne Bugtrup

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