09. June 2021
Crack from July onward under the saddle of Richard Vogel

Already in spring this year the management of the Holsteiner Verband stallion keeping GmbH had been dealing with the subject of Cornet Obolensky son Crack’s further training.

In agreement with his current rider, Maximilian Gräfe, is was considered having the stallion shown by another rider at the national championships.

Following Maximilian Gräfe’s decision to discontinue the training of the Verband stallions after the state championship, various options regarding his succession had been under consideration. The idea to have Richard Vogel produce and ride Crack was formed in close coordination with the board. Vogel has made an excellent name for himself at national championship level as well as on the international jumping scene. Contact with Vogel was made through Matthias Wittke, the chairman of the breeding district external members, and fortunately Norbert Boley and the trainer came to an agreement regarding the presentation planned at the national championship.

In early July now, Crack is to move to the equestrian facility Dagobertshausen near Marburg, where Richard Vogel and his business partner David Will run a very successful training stable providing excellent conditions. “I’m pleased, on the one hand for the opportunity to accompany such an interesting horse on his way to the national championship. On the other hand I feel honoured by the Holsteiner breeders’ trust in me for tasking me with this job”, says Richard Vogel. And the way for the national championship has already been paved, as Maximilian Gräfe has already qualified Crack for the Warendorf final in August at score of 8.8. The stallion is going to be available for breeding through fresh semen until early July and through frozen semen for the rest of the breeding season.


Crack under Maximilian Gräfe
©Janne Bugtrup