20. February 2023
Holsteiner of the month February: Aperol

The Holsteiner of the month February is at home in the large dressage arena. The bay from dam line 8797 is an exceptional talent, was a finalist in the Louisdor Prize with Emma Kanerva at the age of eight and recently placed third in the Grand Prix Freestyle in the Frankfurt Festhalle with Juliane Brunkhorst. We are talking about Aperol by Ampère-Aljano-Chagallo bred by Heidi Blohm from Hamburg.

His rise was not as meteoric as the numerous successes at a young age would suggest. Aperol has always been highly sensitive. Time, patience and special composure training helped, so that he celebrated his first S* victory with Emma Kanerva at the age of seven, was ready for a Grand Prix a year later and qualified for the final of the renowned Louisdor Prize with a win in Werder. After Kanerva changed careers, Aperol switched to being ridden by Juliane Brunkhorst. "He has a fantastic character and an excellent work ethic," the dressage rider praises her now twelve-year sports partner. His breeder and owner Heidi Blohm is proud to have always believed in her breeding product. "Today he thanks me for giving him the time," says the 85-year-old, who watches every tournament start of the couple live. She was also present at the Frankfurt Festhallen tournament last December, when Brunkhorst and Aperol placed third in the Grand Prix Freestyle behind Isabell Werth and Dorothee Schneider. The goal for this year is above all to continue to consolidate the sensitive Aperol at the same level. "I'm really looking forward to it, because he's getting safer with every lap and the lessons more natural," says Juliane Brunkhorst, who also secured two top-ten places with Aperol at the VR Classics Neumünster.

Photo: Stefan Lafrentz