Foal Registration


1. Properly report foal birth

After the birth of a foal you have to consider the following

Submitting the Certificate of Birth to the Holsteiner Verband Kiel office in due form is the most important requirement.

The mare owner must report the foal’s birth within 28 days, either by submitting the original Cerificate of Birth (stallion keeper’s Covering Certificate) by mail, or by completing the online Certificate of Birth.


  • Please notice that informal foal reports are not accepted and will not be processed by the Verband.
  • As stipulated by the Holsteiner Verband articles, we may only act for our members, so membership is mandatory to have a foal registered.
  • Fee for foal reported not within the stipulated period (up to 4 weeks late): 20,00 €
  • Fee for foal reported not within the stipulated period (more than 4 weeks late): 50,00 €


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Your Contact Person

Nicole Weßel
Foal Management, Equine Passports, Change of Ownership

2. Submitting the original Cerificate of Birth or completing the online Certificate of Birth.

The the original Cerificate of Birth /online Certificate of Birth (online Foal Report) must be correctly and completely filled out and signed.

The Certificate of Birth should contain at least the following information:

  1. Breeder’s membership number
  2. Foal’s date of birth
  3. Dam’s name and life number
  4. Sire (name of stallion)
  5. Foal’s sex
  6. Foal’s place of birth
  7. Colour and markings (describe as accurately as possible)
  8. Address of dam’s owner
  9. Dates of insemination
  10. Date and signature
  11. Information about pregnancy loss, foal loss after birth, or possible anomalies of the foal



  • The Certificate of Birth must be correctly completed and signed (the mare owner is liable for the accuracy of the stated information).
  • The stallion keeper’s information (Covering Certificate) may not be separated from the Certificate of Birth (please do not cut them apart!)
  • In case the mare does not produce a foal or the foal dies before, during or shortly after birth, the Certificate of Birth must be completed accordingly and submitted to the Holsteiner Verband in Kiel by the mare owner, as well.
  • Any Holsteiner Verband member, however, may register for online foal reporting, as the online Certificate of Birth provides you with the most efficient option to report a birth. After you have registered, you are shown a list of your mares fulfilling the requirements for online foal reporting (mating recorded on the stallion service report, mare activated for 2022).
  • The foal inspection catalogue is compiled from the Certificates of Birth. All births reported to the Holsteiner Verband Kiel office by end of May/beginning of June are included in the main catalogue. Births reported after this date are published in the catalogue of the follow-up registration tour.


Foal Report Online (Holsteiner Online)


3. Prämierungskarte (registration card), silhouette, documents for DNA parentage testing and transponder received from the association

After the Certificate of Birth has been received, the Prämierungskarte (registration card) and the silhouette are issued and sent to the mare owner.

Along with the Prämierungskarte (registration card), the breeder is also sent the paperwork necessary for DNA parentage testing and the transponder used for microchip identification.


  • Please note: The Prämierungskarte (registration card) must be presented on-site to have your foal registered.
  • In case the registration/inspection date is nearing and you have not yet received the registration documents even though you have submitted the Certificate of Birth in due form, do not hesitate to contact the Kiel office!

4. Parentage testing

Same as in past years, all foals to be registered with the Holsteiner Verband in 2022 have to undergo parentage testing through DNA typing.

The following steps are necessary:

  1. Report the birth within the stipulated period (28 days after foaling)
  2. You are then sent the paperwork for DNA typing along with the Registration Form
  3. Pull a hair sample including roots (follicles) from the foal and put the sample into the appropriate sample bag.
  4. If the dam has not undergone Holsteiner Verband DNA typing as a foal, you might need to collect a hair sample from the dam as well.
  5. Send the hair sample with the completed Sample Submission Form to the lab.
  6. The results of parentage testing are sent to the Holsteiner Verband breeding department.

5. Foal identification with a transponder (microchip)

The passage of the new Livestock Transportation Act to Prevent the Spreading of Diseases (ViehVerkV) in March 2010 requires all foals born since 2010 to be microchipped.


  •  Your vet or an authorized person should inject the transponder into your foal’s left side nuchal ligament (3rd – 4th cervical vertebra) some days prior to registration. According to the Veterinary University Hanover’s recommendation, foals should be 4 weeks or older when microchipped. 
  • The person microchipping the foal has to record his/her registration number and confirm the correct implantation with his/her signature; stick-on labels with the barcode and the chip number are put onto the appropriate field as well as onto the silhouette form.
  • As a service for the breeders, the Holsteiner Verband offers the possibility to have your foals chipped in your breeding district during the foal inspection. Please note that the transponder can only be placed  if the foal is halter-guided and is held well and securely.

6. Sign up for a registration/ inspection site.

Breeders outside of Schleswig-Holstein are requested to use the yellow form (attached to the branding documents) to sign up their foals for a registration/ inspection site.


  • Inspection and registration sites in Germany, the main registration tour usually takes place between mid-June and September. The schedule is updated and, if necessary, extended on a monthly basis.
  • Inspection and registration sites outside Germany may be arranged as the need arises until late May.
  • To do so, please call Ms Dr. Stefanie Bergmann at the Holsteiner Verband office (0049-431-305996-51) or send an email to:


Dr. Stefanie Bergmann
Foreign Members
Katarzyna Wolf
Assistant Studbook Matters

7. Inspection und registration sites

At the inspection sites, foals are presented for evaluation at walk and trot in front of the inspection committee at their dams’ feet.

They receive marks on “type” and “movement”, respectively. The “type” mark involves structural correctness and age-appropriate development. The “movement” mark is mostly determined by the trot, with the walk and canter a secondary influence.

Foals which have received the mark 7 or above in both criteria will be awarded premium foal status. Since 2010, the foals undergo linear assessment as well at the inspection sites

Linear Description

Inspection and registration sites

Foal Catalogue and Supplements


  • Upon the foal’s registration, the dam must be entered into the Holsteiner Verband studbook (in the extended breeding area, the foal registration and the inspection of the dam are at the same day)!
  • The registration form (Prämierungskarte) must be presented at the registration site!
  • At the registration site, the markings and features recorded on the silhouette are compared to the foal and checked for completeness. In case the foal’s owner has neglected to complete the silhouette and the Verband is tasked with the recording, costs for the horse passport increase by 10,- euros. In contrast, correctly completed silhouettes incur only 5,- euros, due to increased material costs and postal charges.



8. Equine passport and Ownership Certificate received from the association

Only after the Kiel office has received all the required documents (online or original Certificate of Birth, parent verification through DNA, confirmation of microchipping), horse passport and Ownership Certificate may be issued and sent to the owner!