Young Stallion Licensing in February

Young Stallion licensing in February

The grading of the colts is the breeding year’s major event. In Holstein, this event has been held at the Neumünster Holstenhalls for well above 30 years. At the Elmshorn grading sites held in April and latest also in November, older stallions are admitted, as well.

In fall the registration period for the pre-selection of young stallions begins, the colts are presented for pre-selection to the stallion grading held at Neumünster in February. There is no pre-selection for the Elmshorn grading sites. At least three members of the grading committee judge the colts at the pre-selection and the grading. In order to succeed at the stallion grading, they have to convince the panel in terms of conformation, movement and jumping ability.

To register for the preselection of young stallions, a written application must be submitted to the Kiel Breeding Office for the licensing event in early February.


Application for pre-selection of colts 2022

Do not submit any registration papers/equine passports yet!

In case you wish to enter several colts, use a separate form for each horse (print copies or request additional forms from the Kiel office).

IMPORTANT: Your information will be used when compiling the stallion grading catalogue later. The application form must be completed in full and submitted to the Holsteiner Verband Kiel office.

Colts are pre-selected from 21 - 25 November 2022 at Elmshorn. The stallion producers will be given the exact date when calling in to confirm the entry.

The application fee per colt is € 100 for Holsteiner Verband members and € 200 for non-members. Applications submitted after the due date incur a € 50 late fee per colt.



The application form must be submitted to the Kiel office by 30.09.2022.

Mailing address: Verband der Züchter des Holsteiner Pferdes e.V., Steenbeker Weg 151, 24106 Kiel, Fax: +49 431-336142, email:

Same as last year, stallion producers are requested to call in to confirm their entry some days prior to the pre-selection. The stallion owners/producers will receive more detailed information and instructions after the closing date.

Please take care to observe this rule!


Pre-selection schedule:
  1. in-hand presentation (bridled) on hard surface
  2. presentation at liberty and free-jumping (indoor arena)
  3. After the pre-selection, the stallion producers will be sent a decision letter. Then the auction conditions have to be agreed upon, as well.


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Application for pre-selection of colts for the Neumünster stallion licensing from 02 to 11 February 2023