You are still looking for a Holsteiner stallion to breed your mare to? Then you should not miss out on the presentation of the four- to six-year-old stallions stood by the Holsteiner Verband stallion keeping GmbH next Saturday via ClipMyHorse.TV.

The line-up includes Dubliner by Dinken, Cardentos by Cardento, Charaktervoll by Comme il Faut and Cahil by Cornet Obolensky, all of them born in 2017. One year older and produced to the next level are Corfu de la Vie by Cumano, Chezarro by Casall and Keaton by Kannan. The six-year-olds, Khatou-S by Chaman, United Way by Uriko and Crack by Cornet Obolensky count among the older young stallions and can already impressively demonstrate their potential jumping a course. The stallions will perform an age-appropriate course under the saddle of Maximilian Gräfe, Massimo Bonomi, Marten Witt and Jesse Luther at the Herbert-Blöcker-arena. “Particularly in a time marked by cancelled horse shows, this provides an additional service to support the breeders in their decision making”, Norbert Boley explains the initiative. Besides the young stallions’ development, the focus is on their first offspring, as the viewers will be shown video footage of some foals sired by the presented stallions. World champion and Olympic winner Franke Sloothaak has been enlisted as commentator for the event starting at 11am. So just tune in to ClipMyHorse.TV on 1 May!


Photo Janne Bugtrup: Crack by Cornet Obolensky