For breeders who have not yet decided which stallion to use for their mares, there will be an opportunity on 1 May at 11.00 a.m. in the Fritz-Thiedemann-Halle in Elmshorn to take a closer look at the younger stallions of the Holsteiner Verband Hengsthaltungs GmbH.

The three-year-old stallions - Chezarro, Corfu de la Vie and Keaton - who were licensed in Neumünster in November, have now returned from their 14-day test in Schlieckau with a positive result. Thus they have received their breeding license for this year. In Elmshorn the three stallions present themselves to the spectators under the saddle and over first small jumps under the rider. The four- to six-year-old stallions will be presented in a short course according to their age. Tjark Nagel from Friedrichskoog, who is one of the most sought-after trainers not only in Germany, will accompany the presentation of the stallions - 13 three- to six-year-olds - with expert commentary.

A special highlight of this stallion presentation will be the offspring of the young sires. The breeders can look forward to the first public appearance of the offspring of Crack and United Way, who are among the most sought-after young stallions of the Holsteiner Verband Hengsthaltungs GmbH. Roland Metz, who is considered a proven breeding expert, will comment on the foals.

The Holsteiner Verband Hengsthaltungs GmbH can offer breeders another treat: There are three insemination vouchers to win, a free jump by Casall, a free jump by a three- to six-year-old stallion of the Holsteiner Verband Hengsthaltungs GmbH and a free jump by a three-year-old sire.

Admission to the stallion presentation is free.