There is hardly an industry that is not affected by the effects of the corona crisis. Norbert Boley, Managing Director of Holsteiner Verband Hengsthaltungs GmbH, explains what measures have already been taken in Elmshorn to protect the health of the employees, to ensure the supply of horses and to maintain the dispatch of semen. We asked Norbert Boley directly about this:

How do you currently organize the work processes at Hengsthaltungs GmbH or do you take precautions in case one or more employees should be absent?

Norbert Boley: "We have drawn up a precautionary emergency plan which is now being implemented. According to this plan, we have divided the work in the office and in the stables into two shifts. Six employees in the office and seven in the barn take the first shift from 7 a.m. to 12 noon in the morning. After a half-hour break, the second shift begins for three and eight employees in the office and stable respectively. In this way we are well equipped for emergencies to maintain the care and training of our horses as well as the shipment of semen. Unfortunately, of course, we have been forced to introduce short-time work."

To what extent does the spread of the corona virus and the associated measures restrict the daily operations of Holsteiner Verband Hengsthaltungs GmbH?

Norbert Boley: "At present, we are not restricted in any way. The transport of seeds is still guaranteed. We assume that shipping abroad can also be continued, since the movement of goods has not been restricted so far. We are in close consultation with our official veterinarians in this regard."

The stallion performance tests scheduled for April have been cancelled by the FN. What does this mean for the covering of the young stallions?

Norbert Boley: "The fact is that there will be no more tests this spring. The FN has now decided that the three-year-old stallions, who have not yet had the opportunity to take their stallion performance test, can still be used for breeding this year and that the foals of these stallions will also receive their pedigree certificate I next year. This also applies to our five-year-old United Way, who due to injury has not been able to compete in this year's sport test. From now on the three year olds are available with fresh semen. But for the time being, United Way is available with TG seeds until his full recovery."

Upcoming events are cancelled almost without exception. Can you already give an assessment of how the Hengsthaltungs GmbH is dealing with this? Especially with the traditional young stallion presentation on May 1?

Norbert Boley: "We are looking optimistically into the future and are planning the presentation of the young stallions as in previous years. If the situation regarding the Corona virus has not calmed down by then, we will hold the presentation without an audience on site in the Fritz-Thiedemann-Halle, but we will broadcast it live via ClipMyHorse or make it available in their archive so that our breeders can still get a picture of our stallions".