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New Marketing Platform

Erstellt von Desiree Dann am 10/16/19, 2:35 PM

The Holsteiner Verband will establish a new marketing platform. The event is called 1st Holsteiner Winter Chance and is based on a cooperation of stallion keeping GmbH and marketing and auction GmbH.

In the course of the Holsteiner Verband stallion keeping GmbH’s reorganisation, the board and the executive directors Norbert Boley and Roland Metz have been thinking hard and long about the best way to translate and put into practice the stallion committee’s recommendations, as Roland Metz and his marketing team are aiming for a new strategy as providers of services for the breeders. “We want to increase our efforts in actively supporting our breeders in marketing their Holsteiners. We feel a clear mandate to act”, Roland Metz says about the reasons for selling Verband-owned horses, a decision supported by the breeding district chairpersons as well.

The 1st Holsteiner Winter Chance held in Elmshorn on 29 and 30 November will have an interesting lot put together by the two GmbHs. From unbacked 2-year-old youngster to trained competition horse and non-licensed stallions already successfully shown in competition, the selection should cater to many clients. “The Holsteiner Winter Chance is intended as a pilot project”, Roland Metz looks ahead. According to the mid- and long-term strategy, 2020 will again see two-year-old horses owned by the Holsteiner stallion keeping GmbH as well as horses owned by Holsteiner Verband members put to auction. As from 2021, the Winter Chance will become an auction entirely for Holsteiner Verband members and breeders.
“We believe this new system to be a promising approach resulting in a win-win-situation for both our clients and our breeders”, Norbert Boley explains. “The selection will then comprise only unbacked horses, thus creating a new sales approach which is less costly than having the horses undergo long training and selling them privately”, Roland Metz is optimistic.
The entire selection, catalogues and videos of the 1st Holsteiner Winter Chance will be available as from beginning of November. For all questions, please contact the Holsteiner Verband marketing and auction GmbH team.