Just about one year ago, Plot Blue son Million Dollar changed from the Holsteiner Verband stallion keeping GmbH stable to Jos Lansink’s yard where the eight-year-old has since been produced by Lansink’s employee, Frank Schuttert. Million Dollar has not had many outings with Schuttert yet – firstly due to the first Corona lockdown, then because he was side-lined by colic. We talked to Jos Lansink about the stallion.

Million Dollar has now been produced at your stable for one year. What is your opinion on the stallion’s development so far?

Jos Lansink: “Million Dollar’s development during his first six months at our stable has been very very good. I’m definitely thrilled about the way the stallion has performed at home as well as at some minor horse shows and about his awesome work ethics. His attitude is just great.”

Million Dollar had a colic this summer, leading to numerous rumours about his health. Can you tell us how he is doing now?

Jos Lansink: “Yes, that is true. The stallion had colic in summer, from which he has fully recovered. Fortunately, he did not require surgery. Nevertheless, we gave him some rest to fully recover and recuperate. When he was started under saddle again, he was very energetic and exuberant, knocking his own leg. This wasn’t a big deal at all, no major injury – but this streak of bad luck has definitely hampered his development this year. Things like that unfortunately just happen when working with horses, despite the best possible management. All things considered, Million Dollar is a sound and healthy horse which has been side-lined from competition for the first time now at 8 years old.”

What about Million Dollar’s current level of training?

Jos Lansink: He is being trained up again. We are building up his overall fitness, doing dressage work and smaller jumps.”