“He is stabled in a wonderful outward facing box stall and is feeling really fine“, Adriana van Tilburg reported on her visit of Million Dollar at Jos Lanksink’s yard.


Also his new groom, who has already taken a shine to Million Dollar, same as Jos Lansink and Frank Schuttert, feels that he is really doing well.  

Million Dollar has been at Jos Lansink’s for two months now – time to find out how Million Dollar is doing at his new stable and to ask Jos Lansink some questions about the much talked about stallion:

How is Million Dollar doing?

Jos Lansink: “He is fine, he has been here for two months now and we are very happy with him. Of course he has been very well produced at Elmshorn so we can build up on this. He has got a super character and a great willingness to perform. We have taken him to some training competitions and he always jumped clear and put up a super performance.”

What are Million Dollar’s strengths?

Jos Lansink: “I think it’s his overall quality. He’s just got this presence. As mentioned before, he has this super character and is good to ride. Even though we can’t predict the level he is going to jump in the end, he has got many good qualities. He definitely fulfils two qualifications, considering his character and good rideability. These horses really tend to go far.”

Have Frank and Million Dollar already got used to one another?

Jos Lansink: “Million and Frank are a definite match. We always take time as well as a positive approach to working a new horse. The most important thing for the time being is Frank and Million really getting to know each other and building a rapport.“

Do you have any plans for Million Dollar?

Jos Lansink: Our preparations for some horses involve taking them on the Sunshine Tour, but Million Dollar is not expected to come along, as he has already learned jumping on grass as a young horse, and we’ll only be taking horses without previous experience. We plan on taking Million Dollar to Lanaken and showing him in the Z-tour. Afterwards he will be selectively shown in competition in order to be carefully produced and grow into an international level sport horse.”


After our talk, Jos Lansink admitted: “I have always been a Holsteiner fan. I have always been successful with Holstein-bred horses. As early as 23 years ago I was successful with a stallion owned by the Holsteiner Verband, Carthago. I would be happy to continue this success for my stable with Million Dollar.”




Photo&Interview: Adriana van Tilburg