A filly by Denton was born on 15 April. Last year, the mare Tonette by Lucky Champ-Ahorn Z-Masetto – mare family 18B1 – had been bred to first-season sire Denton by breeder Cora Rohmann of Dinklage.

This is how the breeder describes her foal: “This little lady has a very sweet temper, long legs and a beautiful face, good shoulder and back structure and good pastern conformation. I am absolutely thrilled about this foal.“ And she continues: „First and foremost Denton has been an improvement in terms of back and long legs, and I am quite certain that her sweet temper is down to him, as well.” Moreover, the breeder revealed her intentions to breed to Denton again.

Many thanks for submitting the pictures and our congratulations on this great foal.