As from today, 23 April, the battle of the bids for the candidates of the 35th Holsteiner spring auction sale may begin. The feature allowing bids to be placed through the portal is activated at 12 noon and it’s going to be exciting until the end of the auction sale on Sunday, 25 April.

In particular the last stage, the so-called bid up makes the prospective buyers’ hearts beat faster. This crucial stage of the auction sale with each bid for a horse extending the particular horse’s auction time by two minutes, starts from 3pm. Today also the three-year-old, yet unbacked horses are to move into their Elmshorn box stalls and are available for viewing and at-liberty inspection anytime upon prior appointment. To provide a further impression of the auction horses on offer, the final presentation held on Sunday, 9am, is livestreamed via ClipMyHorse.TV. “The collection has quite a lot to offer with prospects for show jumping and dressage as well as highly promising candidates for eventing”, executive director and head of auction Roland Metz is pleased to point out. “Coming from highly successful mare families, the yet unbacked horses should definitely have a stud and sport horse future, as well.”

Take a look  at the Auction Lot

All information including pedigrees, x-rays, pictures and videos is available for viewing on Until the start of the auction on 25 April, the ridden horses can be tried out and the three-year-old uncut diamonds are available for viewing at Elmshorn anytime by prior appointment. For all questions around the auction sale and the horse on offer, please contact Roland Metz (+49 171 4364 651) or Alexandra Bitter (+49 170 3825465).

Photo Janne Bugtrup: Hip no. 19, Qouvario by Quabri de L'Isle-Diarado