Since 2019, the Elmhorn marketing has been undergoing changes on multiple levels, discontinuing for example the Verband owned sales stable as well as the producing of horses under saddle.

As soon as the intended and in parts already implemented measures show first effects, the marketing department around Roland Metz and Alexandra Bitter can function in a flexible and successful way. The marketing sees and has to see its role as a provider of services to the members.


  1. Better chances for marketing horses from their home stables.
  2. Already 2020 will see nine instead of seven auction sales, with eleven scheduled for 2021. New and revised auction sale concepts have already been implemented and are still being worked over. A modern, customer and exhibitor friendly auction system is the basis for successful marketing in the future.
  3. It is also planned to capitalize on synergy effects with the umbrella organisation through the increased use of mare and foal registration sites, championships and stallion licensings.
  4. Another instrument is the online horse market, with the marketing department offering assistance to the members.
  5. Conventional acquisition of new customers.
Photo: Janne Bugtrup