The Holsteiner Verband Vermarktungs- und Auktkions GmbH informs you about the current status of the auction and the training weeks.

Important information about training on the outdoor arena

Dear riders,
the current situation with regard to the spreading virus is serious and we all have to do our part to slow down the pandemic. Although the access to the rented space was made available for the sole use of the space tenants, as well as the space itself and the immediate surroundings and an encounter with other people can thus be easily avoided, we are closing the public training in advance with immediate effect. We ask for your understanding and will keep you up to date with the latest developments behind the gates of the Vermarktungs- und Auktions GmbH.

Due to the current situation, there are many question marks in the air at these times. The situations, the measures and their consequences can change hourly and so it is difficult to make a clear statement regarding the way our auction is conducted. However, it is important for us to inform our breeders, exhibitors and customers of the following: In any case, there will be an auction of the Holsteiner Association on Saturday, 28.03.2020, which will be held in camera. At the present time, we cannot yet determine in what form this auction will be held, but we are prepared for all eventualities. At the present time, the model is as follows: There will be another presentation on the auction day, which will be broadcasted by clipmyhorse. After that there will be a so-called "ghost auction", where customers can bid on their desired candidates by using an online portal and many telephone lines. The auctioneer will also be present at this event.

Should it come to a curfew, we will be forced to hold a pure online auction, but there will also be the service of telephone bidding with one of our customer consultants. We will keep you constantly informed about developments in the Holsteiner Association. The team around the managing director and auction manager Roland Metz is always at your disposal.

Roland Metz
Phone: +49 171-4364651