Two years after the Hörup springflut (spring tide) festival’s successful premiere, the national show jumping competition in a family atmosphere is to be continued at the Johannsen family’s facility near the Danish border. And in addition to the sporting event, the organizers have come up with something special for the second instalment scheduled from 7 to 11 July 2021: an auction sale of talented jumping horses and select foals directly from the hands of the organizing team. The Holsteiner Verband is also on board. “I am very happy to be given the opportunity to be involved with one of the nicest horse shows in Schleswig-Holstein”, says Holsteiner Verband head of marketing, Roland Metz. “I’ve been having an eye on this show as a marketing platform for some time now as I’ve had very good experiences with auction sales organized in the frame of top events like this one. And that’s why I’m pleased to support the collection by providing four foals bred by our Verband members.”  

Valuable Genes from Choice Stud Farms
The Holsteiner highlight sales initiative has been started by a handful of well-respected Holsteiner breeders in the frame of the Hörup springflut festival. Embedded in the neat atmosphere of a popular horse show, a small but select collection of foals and riding horses are put to auction. Clients are given an opportunity to secure special horses and precious bloodlines from choice stud farms with the consigning breeders having already produced international sport horses and championship contenders, reserve champion stallions, champion mares and horses realizing top prices at auctions in Germany and abroad. Relatives to them will be included in the line-up put to sale at the Holsteiner Verband meets Highlight Sales@Springflut Festival. The selection is put together over the next weeks and then published on, where all other information around the new auction sale is available for all interested parties.

Photo: Springflut Festival