Only a few days left until the big Holstein Elite Riding Horse Auction in Neumünster take place. Have you already discovered your favourite?

Tomorrow is the day, because then the auction candidates will move into their boxes in the Holstenhallen in Neumünster. On Friday, 2nd November at 6 p.m. you will have the opportunity to get an impression of the riding horses during a presentation in the Holstenhall. All auction horses will be presented once again under the rider.

Do you still have questions about the auction candidates?

We are looking forward to your call:



Dr. Jörgen Köhlbrandt

Phone: +49 173-246692


Ove Asmussen

Phone: +49 172-9820435


Alexandra Bitter

Phone: +49 170-3825465





Thursday, 1 November 2018
01:00 p.m. presentation of the colt on hand surface - part I
03:00 p.m. presentation of the colt on hand surface - part II
followed by       stallions on the ring at a walk
Friday, 2 November 2018
08.30 a.m. colts at liberty and free jumping
06:00 p.m. presentation of the elite riding horses
followed by party (hall 2)
Saturday, 3 November 2018
approx. 08:00 a.m. approval of the stallion with announcement
approx. 11:00 a.m. elite riding horse auction
followed by announcement of the champion stallion
followed by auction of premium stallions
followed by auction of approved and non-approved colts