This weekend - on 21 July - the Holstein Summer Auction will take place for the third time in Elmshorn. In the last two years talented young Holsteins have found their new owner through the summer auction. Like for example Calderron:

“It is about the complete package“

Martje Dreessen is what you would call a classic amateur rider. After work, she takes to the saddle of her two Holsteiners, Cayo and Calderron, discovered at the Holsteiner spring and summer auction sale, respectively.

As much as two times you have successfully bought at a Holsteiner auction. What made you look for a suitable horse at an auction sale?

“The thing I like most about buying at auction is that it is really uncomplicated for me as a customer. At one location I may look at and try out several horses which have already been preselected in terms of quality, ridability, level of training
and health and soundness. Moreover, I felt I was taken care of very well the first time round and it has been just the same the second time.”

Your first purchase has been Catoo offspring Cayo, at the spring auction in 2017. How would you describe these pasts two years with him?

“Cayo is a very sensitive and ridable horse. In the beginning, I was not really sure if he was the right horse for me. But he has had the most awesome development. We jumped our first L classes together already in the first year, by now we have had first results at M. Together with my trainer we are producing him as a versatile sport horse, Cayo has already placed in young dressage horse classes at L as well and is on his way to M level. We are going to start in our first eventing
test soon.”


And last year Calderron was knocked down to you. How would you describe this Casall offspring?

“Calderron is Cayo’s exact opposite. He has nerve, is confident and a pure jumper. Over these past month he has made a huge leap forward in his development and chalked up his first placings at L level. He is scheduled to compete his first young horse jumping class at M soon“

Prior to the purchase of Cayo and Calderron, you had been looking for suitable horses for a longer time?

“Yes, indeed“

And your search was not crowned by success?

“No, it was very difficult. Either the horse did not suit me or there were issues with the pre-purchase exam or we would not come to an agreement for other reasons. For me it’s just the complete package which has to be ok. It’s not sufficient for the horse being a very good jumper, rideability is essential as well. As an amateur in particular you just don’t
want to do without it in day-to-day work.”

When looking ahead –what are your hopes and wishes for you and your two horses?

“I am hoping to gain a foothold at M level with Cayo and that we’ll both enjoy eventing. Seeing that he is talented in jumping as well as dressage it seems obvious to give it a try. In the end he is going to stay our family horse and maybe help teaching my niece later on. Calderron is still in the very early training stages. He is what you would call a late bloomer, but we have high hopes for him in view of his tremendous scope and ability.”

We wish Mrs. Dreessen and her two former auction horses continued success and joy on their way together.

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