By the way: Horse's health

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    Obligatory vet check riding horses


    For each horse the vet certificate is conscientiously filled out by our veterinarian team. Please convince yourself from the high level of the health check and – if necessary – have a talk with our veterinarians.
    Regular inspections during the approval and the training are obvious.

    Our veterinarian team:

    Dr. Brigitte Otto (Praxis Dr. Wehr)
    veterinarian specialised in horses
    Phone: +49 171 9914848

    By the way: Horse's health


    Impeccable appearance and outstanding ability alone do not make a Holsteiner auction horse. Performance is tied to soundness. Knowing this we strive to identify all defects which might impair performance at the earliest possible stage. During the preparatory training in the run-up to the auction, which is also a soundness performance testing, horses displaying any defects are discarded.

    To be actually put to auction all four- to seven-year-old horses must pass three clinical examinations, performance and soundness testing, as well as the routine training checks, with the last clinical examination taking place just before the auction.
    The three-year-old horses undergo clinical examination upon selection for auction as well as during the short preparatory phase according to a separate clinical examination certificate.

    In the event of an unfavourable health and soundness examination, the horse in question will not be accepted for auction.

    However, the horse’s health is rather individual and is judged differently. Our examinations are effected in accordance with the latest scientific findings. Our judgement is based on an intensive clinic and radiological examination combined with years of experience in the top sport.

    The required x-rays (always left and right) include:
    • front hooves left and right 90° centered on the coffin joint
    • front digit left and right (90°) centered on the fetlock joint
    • overview picture hind digit left and right (90°)
    • tarsal/ hock joint left and right (0°, 45° and 115°)
    • stifle joint left and right 110° and 180°)
    • Oxspring left and right, viewing of the fetlock joint space
    • 3 x-rays of the spine (thoracic spine and lumbar spine,
    if possible showing vertebrae)
    • in the equine surgeons’ Clinical Examination Certificate

    The slightest suspicion will trigger additional x-rays to be taken to facilitate interpretation.

    Since the horses have to undergo regular vet checks during the entire preparatory training, any defects arising from training-associated physical strain can be detected right away. A final veterinary examination is carried out just before the auction in order to guarantee only horses with a clean bill of health will enter the auction ring.

    For further information regarding health, soundness, and x-rays please contact:

    Dr. Brigitte Otto (Praxis Dr. Wehr)
    veterinarian specialised in horses
    Phone: +49 171 9914848