20. February 2021
Presentation of the Verband Stallions: Shining Performance of the Holsteiner Sires

This year the Holsteiner Verband stallion keeping GmbH sires presented themselves in a totally different way, not as usual close up and in front of thousands of spectators in the Neumunster Holstenhall, but live streamed via ClipMyHorse.tv from Elmshorn. While the concept had been adjusted and also included video footage with competition performances and some of the Verband stallions’ offspring, the core intention was the same: To provide the breeders and friends of the Holsteiner horse with as many impressions as possible to facilitate their breeding decisions.

“Having the presentation this way has been an absolutely new situation for all of us“, says executive director Norbert Boley. “Hopefully we will soon have spectators along with the good vibes we know from Neumunster again.” 27 stallions were on parade in the Fritz-Thiedemann indoor arena, from those just recently licensed free jumping to youngster negotiating a short course and veteran star performers shown in hand. The bright prospects born in 2018, like for example Daikon by Dominator Z, Dilaro by Dinken and the 2020 champion stallion, Vigado by Vigo d’Arsouilles, confidently flew along the free jumping chute. Already course ready are Cahil by Cornet Obolensky, Charaktervoll by Comme il faut, Dubliner by Dinken as well as Cardentos by Cardento, tackling any age-appropriate obstacles with ease. Chinchero by Chopin VA, the 2019 reserve champion stallion, is being produced by team world champion Janne Friederike Meyer-Zimmermann and shone same as his five-year-old mate Chezarro by Casall, who had come off victorious at the Munster-Handorf sport test some weeks ago. At Elmshorn, Rolf-Göran Bengtsson, who obviously felt comfortable riding the son of his former success horse Casall, had taken to his saddle for the first time: “A chip off the old block with good ability” according to Tjark Nagel, tasked with commenting the stallions. Rolf-Göran Bengtsson also presented his rides, the stallions Catch by Colman and Zuccero by Zirocco Blue. As he pins great hopes on both of them he plans to introduce them to bigger challenges step by step. He is to show the Zirocco Blue son Zuccero at 1.45m level this season: “He is very ambitious and elastic and has the right attitude. He is just getting better and better and I’m looking forward to his future” said Rolf-Göran Bengtsson. Under Teike Carstensen now six-year-old Crack by Cornet Obolensky confirmed the mark 10 he had received on rideability at last year’s sport test. “His jumping is very smooth and confident and he is super adjustable”, commented Tjark Nagel.

More than ever – the focus on advice
Kimberly Kühl produces the dressage oriented stallions Fidano by Fidertanz and Goldball by Goldberg, and rode for example Fidano to win the State Champion title at one of his select few outings in competitions. “I really enjoy day-to-day work with both stallions, as they are always eager to learn and willing to perform”, says Kühl. A must were the performances of Casall by Caretino, Clarimo by Clearway, Crunch by Clarimo or else Dinken by Diarado, who performed sprightly in hand.

“I am very happy with the stallions and greatly appreciate the support we have had from the riders, as some of them had been in the saddle of the horse in question only once before” said Norbert Boley. “This uncomplicated handling speaks in favour of the careful efforts of our team in producing the stallions.”

For one month, the stream from the Fritz-Thiedemann indoor arena will be available free of charge to anyone interested in the ClipMyHorse.tv media library. Om 1 May at the latest the Elmshorn stallions will appear next on the occasion of the young stallion presentation. “I really hope that the weather and the pandemic situation will allow us to conduct this event in the open and above all with spectators again” says Norbert Boley. “And especially under such challenging circumstances we are always happy to advise and support our breeders in their stallion choice.”



Photo Janne Bugtrup: Zuccero and Rolf-Göran Bengtsson