Special Terms / Notices

    The following is an overview of the special terms for the use of stallions Casall and Diarado.

    Casall Breeding Terms
    Breeders charged in the stud fee I category must notify the Holsteiner Verband if the mare is sold and disclose the name of the buyer. Foals born through insemination by Casall must be registered and branded by the Holsteiner Verband in the interest of the Holsteiner breed‘s unified improvement and in particular to have their breed origin registered in the lists documenting achievements in breeding and competition. A violation of this regulation is contrary to contract and considered to cause economical and non-material damage to the Holsteiner breed and involves a breach of contract penalty:

    If and as soon as the breeder has such a foal registered and branded by another breed society, he is liable to pay triple the amount of the stud fee incurred to the Holsteiner Verband Hengsthaltungs GmbH as a contractual penalty. The breach of contract penalty shall be due to immediate payment as soon as the prerequisite has been put into practice. The breeder shall be liable even if the mare has been sold.

    Casall is only available for embryo transfer with a special permission in writing.

    Frozen semen of Casall is only available at selected vets.

    Diarado Breeding Terms

    Diarado is only available to Holsteiner mares owned by Holsteiner Verband members.

    Fresh semen only available on-station at Hoffeld stallion station.

    Frozen semen can be ordered at Elmshorn.

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