Insurance cover for Riding Horses

    The riding horse you have purchased in the auction is covered by a life insurance with the Vereinigte Tierversicherung (VTV) for a period of twelve weeks. The insurance coverage includes losses through death or emergency killing as well as permanent uselessness as a riding horse due to disease or accident. Enclosed are losses through theft, robbery, fire, lightning-strike and explosion. Also included is transportation by land, air and sea (within twelve weeks) up to the first buyer’s stable.

    The former main blemish cribbing is also insured.

    Indemnity is 80% out of the insurance amount (amount due, however, with a maximum amount of € 175,000.00) less possible realisation proceeds.

    In the case of damage please contact
    the competent R+V/VTV-office,
    Mrs. Malve Hausharter
    Raiffeisenplatz 1, 65189 Wiesbaden
    Phone +49 611 5333972,

    and the Holsteiner Verband.

    IMPORTANT: You can extend this insurance (also to a higher amount) beyond
    the said 12 weeks with
    R+V/VTV - Vereinigte Tierversicherung a.G.
    A new veterinary examination is then omitted.

    Your contact persons of R+V/VTV are:
    Mr. Bernd Kupfer
    phone: +49 172 4303295

    Mr. Thomas Granow
    phone: +49 151 26410791

    Mrs. Birte Stapelfeldt
    phone: +49 176 57896169

    or in person at the auction office.


    If you have any further questions regarding the auction conditions, or if individual conditions are not yet sufficiently described, our auction team will certainly be able to help you.

    Please feel free to call us: +49 4121 49 79 24