Holsteiner Licensing and elite auction

    from 31 october to 2 November 2019 in Neumünster, germany




    From 31 October to 2 November, the breeders' and riders' world is looking to Neumünster again. Because then the Elite Riding Horse Auction and the licensing of the Holsteiner Verband will be on the calendar. 73 two and a half year old stallion candidates and 47 elite auction horses will then have their big appearance.


    The Riding Horse collection117_Celebration_Cellestial_Chalan

    It is the first elite riding horse auction to take place under the direction of the new marketing director, Roland Metz. With his team, he has not shied away and has travelled far to put the lot together. "We are thrilled that so many great horses of incredibly high quality have been shown to us. In this happy situation, we were able to bring to Neumünster a wide and varied range of horses from all over the world", Roland Metz summed up with satisfaction after the pre-selection dates. They are between three and seven years old, the horses that made it into the lot of the elite auction. Of course Casall is represented again with numerous offspring (five), as well as his sons Cascadello I (two), Casaltino (two), Connor (two), Cassoulet and Clarcon. In addition, sires such as Diarado, Cormint or Lordanos, who in the past have repeatedly attracted attention with their typical and rideable offspring, are also present. For the friends of international blood there are Darco, Clarimo, Kannan, Quintero and Q-Verdi in the pedigrees. From inexperienced rough diamonds of special quality to tried and tested course aspirants, some of which are qualified for the Bundeschampionat, it was possible to put together a lot that has something for every customer.
    Countless examples prove that Holstein auction horses have often successfully embarked on sports careers in the past: These include Dacara E (Cassandra Orschel), Cordillo (Nisse Lüneburg), C-Jay (Johannes Ehning), Camalita (Laura Klaphake), Can Ya Mekan (Shane Breen) and Capital Colnardo (Jennifer Gates). The auction horses will have their first public appearance on 14 October in the Fritz-Thiedemann-Halle. Afterwards they can be tried out for the first time by the interested parties.

    Here you get directly to the AUCTION LOT of the Holsteiner Elite Riding Horse Auction


    The Holsteiner Stallion LicensingCrack_Cornet_Obolensky_Candillo_Koerung_2017

    Just like in the auction lot, the stallions are sired by Casall, who has the most offspring. Namely five in number. His son Cascadello I and his son Charleston are each represented with three offspring. "240 stallions were presented to the licensing committee and 73 got the green light for their appearance in Neumünster", reports Breeding Director Dr. Thomas Nissen after the pre-selection. "We have seen a very good jumping class, this has already become clear and this will certainly be evident at the licensing.
    also confirm. Of course, we paid attention to type, correctness and movement. But our main focus is and remains jumping," Dr. Nissen continues. The first years of Catch and Million Dollar are also eagerly awaited - three of their offspring have made it into the lot. Just like two of Chopin VA, Comme il Faut, Diamant de Semilly and Vagabond de la Pomme. Dinken, For Pleasure, and Quibery each have three aspirants. Three dressage stallions will round off the lot. They are descended from Fidertanz, Zack and Sezuan and will present themselves at the lunge on Thursday afternoon.
    As in previous years, the videos of the stallions for sale at the auction will be published in advance on the Internet. All stallions were filmed during the pre-selection. Even the stallions that could not be admitted were filmed. The videos are available to the owners. "We can offer this service free of charge this year. Thanks to R+V Versicherungsagentur Stapelfeld", reports Roland Metz, who will of course also be the contact person for marketing the stallion in Neumünster.

    Click here to view the STALLION LICENSING LOT 2019 with Videos 





    Thursday, 31 October 2019
    11:00 a.m. presentation of the colt on hand surface - part I
    01:30 p.m. presentation of the colt on hand surface - part II
    03:30 p.m. Dressage Horse Cup (hall 1)
    05:00 p.m. longeing of dressage stallion prospects (hall 1)
    followed by       stallions on the ring at a walk
    Friday, 1 November 2019
    08:30 a.m. colts at liberty and free jumping
    06:00 p.m. presentation of the elite riding horses
    followed by party 
    Saturday, 2 November 2019
    approx. 08:00 a.m. approval of the stallion with announcement
    approx. 11:00 a.m. elite riding horse auction
    followed by announcement of the champion stallion
    followed by auction of premium stallions
    followed by auction of approved and non-approved colts



    Tickets are available at the Holstenhallen Neumünster.

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    fax 04321-910-114
    E-mail: lisa.gerversmann@holstenhallen.com

    Ticket prices:

    Standing tickets from 6,- to 15,- €

    Seats from 15,- to 30,- €



    Neumünster: Horse capital for 3 days

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