Global Jumping Foals Auction



    For the third time, the Global Jumping Foals Auction will take place on 27 July 2019 as part of the Global Jumping Tour at the Sommergarten in Berlin.

    Three years ago, the Holsteiner Verband, the Westfälisches Pferdestammbuch and the Süddeutsche Pferdezuchtverband joined forces to develop a concept for the foal auction at the Global Champions Tour stage in Berlin together with the organiser En Garde Marketing. The result is the Global Jumping Foals Auction.

    From all over Germany highly interesting foals come for sale, which could convince apart from their appearance above all also by their exceptional pedigree

    12 top foals will also be auctioned in Berlin this year:




    If you are interested in the collection, we look forward to hearing from you. 

    Roland Metz 
    Holsteiner Verband Managing Director Auction and Marketing

    phone: +49 171-4364651