Holsteiner Foal auction

    17 august 2019 in Elmshorn


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    Pedigree with Tradition and Future.
    Typical Holsteiner. 

    The young stallions Catch, Karajan, Million Dollar and Unlimited have a great deal in common with the internationally renowned jumping horse sires Casall, Colman, Cornet Obolensky, Livello, and Untouchable. Quality, ability, character, willingness to perform and: some of their offspring have been selected for the Holsteiner elite foal auction sale on 17 August.

    Holsteiner breeders from all breeding districts present a selection of typey, sound, and healthy 2019 Holsteiner foals at an Elmshorn foal auction.

    Proven mare families and successful sport stallions – this has been the key concept of Holsteiner breeding for more than a century.

    To leave you - show jumpers, stallion keepers, or ambitious breeders - well prepared for the future, the Holsteiner breeders’ offer comprises 71 select foals for sale at the all-district Holsteiner Verband foal auction at Elmshorn.

    71 Holsteiner foals, bred and raised by horsemen and –women united by a vision and the idea to breed the best jumping horse in the world. A selection bound to meet the highest expectations.

    Now it’s up to you. Join us at Elmshorn, the Holsteiner Verband headquarters, on 17 August, to find your future Holsteiner(s)!

    Here you get directly to the AUCTION LOT of the Holsteiner Elite Foal Auction 2019





      11.00 a.m. - 1.00 p.m.           Presentation of the colts | No. 1 to 35
      01.00 - 2.00 p.m. Lunch break & Tour of the stallion stable
      02.00 - 04.30 p.m.           Auction of the colt foals | No. 1 to 35
      05.00 p.m. Presentation of the dressage foals | No. 36 to 40
      followed by Presentation of the fillies | No. 41 to 71
      06.30 - p.m. Auction of the dressage foals | No 36 to 40
      followed by Auction of the filly foals | No. 41 to 71
      followed by a get-together/celebration in the foyer


    Dear visitors

    In Elmshorn we would like to give you the opportunity to inform you in detail about all foals coming to the auction.

    71 quality foals have been strictly selected for inclusion in the catalogue. The foals are divided into colts, dressage foals and fillies in the catalogue.

    Above you will find the schedule. The colts, dressage foals and fillies are presented and also auctioned separately. During the breaks you have the opportunity to have another look at the foals in the box and to get in contact with the breeders. Please feel free to contact the breeders, they will be happy to answer your questions about their foals and they can provide you with additional information about the dam lines and character. If you need help in communicating with the breeders, we are happy to help you - just contact Roland Metz or Sigrun Günther.

    Furthermore, this year we offer you a wide culinary range to prepare yourself for the auction, you have the possibility to inspect the shopping mile and also a guided tour through the stallion stable and a visit to the exceptional sire Casall is possible on this day. And we also thought of the children, who can really let off steam on the big bouncy castle. 


    If you are interested in our collection, we are looking forward to your call. 

    Roland Metz
    Managing director Auction und Marketing

    Tel.: +49 171 - 4364651
    E-Mail: rmetz@holsteiner-verband.de