In 2015, the umbrella organisation of the Holsteiner Verband in Kiel received a three-year funding for the implementation of the project "Implementation of new, sustainable strategies to promote equine health" by the Ministry of Energy, Agriculture, Environment and Rural Areas in Schleswig-Holstein. A total of 17 projects of the agricultural sector from the originally 45 submitted project applications were classified as eligible. The project is funded by the EU within the framework of the European Innovation Partnership (EIP Agri) and the country program for rural areas of Schleswig-Holstein (LPLR). 

    European Innovation partnership (EIP)

    The aim of  EIP Agrar is the encouraging and promotion of innovations in agriculture in order to increase sustainability and efficiency in agriculture. The implementation of EIP is based on the "bottom up" approach, i.e. the need for the innovation comes from practice and practice is involved in the development of solutions ("from practice, with practice, for practice"). Through the foundation and operation of so-called Operation Groups (OG, working groups), persons from the agricualtural sector (farmers, scientists, consultants, service providers, etc.) are brought together to jointly carry out an innovation project.  



    Contents of the EIP project

    By the funding it is possible to tackle practical issues of horse breeding and husbandry in close cooperation with the practice and with representatives from the scientific, consulting and service as part of a working group (OG Pferdegesundheit) and to implement the developed solutions in practice. The Holsteiner Verband in Kiel has taken over the merger and management of the working group. The association coordinates and implements the various project areas and steps.

    The aim of the innovation project is the development of strategies to strengthen aspects of equine health as well as the husbandry, use and breeding of Holsteiner horses. The following areas are edited in the project: 

    - Promoting the flow of data into the central equine health database

    - Extension of  linear decription

    - Collection of parameters for equine husbandry and management

    - Development of a web-based information system 

    The project aims to develop and establish a new form of use of comprehensive equine health data, more detailed recording of conformation and performance traits, farm consultancy services on horse husbandry questions, as well as the innovation transmission of information to the horse breeders and owners.






    2nd International Workshop on linear profiling in the Warmblood Horse, Februar 2016, Warendorf



    3rd International Workshop on linear profiling in the Warmblood Horse, Februar 2017, Marbach

    Database "Holsteiner Pedigrees" is now also available on English (Website Holsteiner Verband, September 2017)



    New online service available to Holsteiner Verband members!  (Website Holsteiner Verband, February 2018)



    Contact person for the EIP project at the Holsteiner Verband is Dr. Astrid Weber in Kiel (Tel. +49 431 305 996-2
    e-mail: weber@holsteiner-verband.de)



    Further information on the European Innovation Partnership in Schleswig-Holstein and the other selected projects can be found on the website of the Innovationsbüro in Rendsburg.