Holsteiner - you can't aspire higher!


    Join the Holsteiner verband

    For centuries, horse breeding and equestrianism have played an important role in our land between the seas - Schleswig-Holstein, the horse country between the seas. Our Holsteiners have become world famous since, they have gained a following from various nations and people all across the world breed Holsteiner horses.

    We invite you to join us and become a Holsteiner Verband member, to become part of our community striving to breed the best Holsteiner horses. Wherever you live, wherever you come from, you are welcome. 




    The Verband has full members (active and passive) and honorary members or chairpersons.


    1. Regular membership

    Regular membership is open to any individual, private partnership under the Civil Code, or legal entity fulfilling the requirements of the latest version of the Animal Breeding Act and willing to acknowledge the latest version of the Holsteiner Verband rules and regulation. 


    2. Membership on time (1 year)

    A temporary member shall enjoy the full rights and obligations of a full member for a period of one year from the date of admission. A member on time can convert the membership into an ordinary membership at any time by a declaration in text form.


    3. Breeding partnership ( 2 Verband members)

    Private partnerships under the Civil Code (breeding partnerships) may be formed by two Verband members at least.  One of them must be named to the Verband as having power of sole representation so that any declaration executed by the Verband towards this person is effective for both partners.  


    Members will be assigned to a breeding area according to their place of business. 

    The membership is not heritable, but may be transferred to a natural person in case of legal succession to a breed operation.

    Active and Passive Membership

    A full member with no breeding stock activated is considered a passive member. Full members with activated and registered breeding stock are considered active members.


    How to Join?

    To become a member, just print out the membership application form or have the Holsteiner Verband Kiel office send you one. Submit the form you have filled in and signed and pay the membership dues. As a member you will receive the magazine PFERD+SPORT which provides you with monthly information about Holsteiner Verband and Pferdestammbuch Schleswig Holstein, Hamburg breed and sport related events.

    Termination of Membership

    Membership can be terminated with three months’ notice to the end of the business year by registered letter to the Verband.


    For further information, please contact

    Ms Silke Stopp
    Verband der Züchter des Holsteiner Pferdes e.V.
    Steenbeker Weg 151
    24106 Kiel

    Tel. +49 431 305996-4
    Fax +49 431 336142
    e-mail: stopp@holsteiner-verband.de