The Schleswig-Holstein follow-up inspection tour kicks off on Monday, 7 October.  

The sites will not only see foal inspections and premium awards but offer inspection and registration of mares, as well. When presenting a mare for inspection, the mare's horse passport must be at hand. When presenting a foal for registration, the inspection form (registration card) is required. Please make sure your foal is securely held and restrained when the microchip is being read!


Follow-up inspection tour 2019 CLICK HERE FOR THE CATALOGUES!

The foal catalogue and the supplements to the foal catalogue can be bought at the various inspection sites or at the Holsteiner Verband Kiel office (phone +49 (0)431 305 996 0).



The Holsteiner calendar provides information on the Schleswig-Holstein inspection tour itinerary..

HOLSTEINER CALENDAR Click here to see all dates