The Holsteiner horse days came to a worthy end on Sunday with the selection of the champions of the Verband mare show and the state championships of the five- and six-year-old jumping horses: La Perla by Casall emerged as jumping oriented champion mare, while Lady Sunshine by Amber shone in the bred-for-dressage ring.

La Perla by Casall-Contender presented herself an “exceptional mare leaving nothing to be desired”, according to the comment of breeding director Stephan Haarhoff. The dark bay bred by Katja Claußen-Brühe (Seeth-Ekholt) is a representative of mare family 1859. Commentator Heinrich Plaas-Beisemann (Fröndenberg) also emphasised the excellent temperament and character of the jumping oriented winner. “She is the ideal of a broodmare”, he is certain. Ludina BB, a daughter of Cascadello I-Chicago Z (Manfred Birchler, SUI), from mare family 3697, won reserve champion mare, second reserve champion was won by Lalida by Million Dollar-Calido I (ZG Oldekop, Schönwalde) from stem 3389. As all three mares have already undergone mare performance testing, they have been awarded the coveted state premium title.

34_La_Perla_Siegerstute_JBChampion mare  - jumping oriented:  La Perla SP v. Casall a.d. Nele V SP v. Contender -Latino -Farnese, Z.u.B.: Katja Claußen-Brühe, Seeth-Ekholt

In the dressage oriented group, the inspection committee consisting of Stephan Haarhoff (Kiel), Jens Hauschildt (Seester) and Heino Kracht (Hamburg) selected a mare bred by Ekkehard Kraas (St. Peter-Ording) as the winner. Lady Sunshine by Amber-Larimar comes from mare family 7020 and has been awarded a Verband premium title. The dressage oriented reserve champion became Lucille by Zack-Colman (Michael Eitel, Freihung-Thansüss), who also qualifies for a Verband premium title. “We have seen a good line-up of mares we are very pleased with and I’m sure I’m also speaking on the breeders behalf there“, said breeding director Stephan Haarhoff.

Dressur_Sieger_AufmacherChampion mare - dressage oriented: Lady Sunshine SP v. Amber a.d. Dancing QueenBP v. Larimar-Contender-Constant, Z.u.B.: Kraas Ekkehard, St. Peter-Ording


-> Here you find the mare catalogue (qualified mares for Elmshorn)


Here are the results of the Verband mare show in Elmshorn on June 13, 2021:



Champion Mare - jumping

DE421000411818 La Perla SP           GEB. 14.06.2018 SwBraun     1859

Casall        DE321210208399       Nele V       SP   DE321210245898

v. Contender       -Latino         -Farnese

Z.U.B.: Claußen-Brühe Katja         Seeth-Ekholt


I. Reserve Champion Mare - jumping

DE421000411418 Ludina BB SP         GEB. 20.06.2018 Braun       3697

Cascadello I DE421000288209       Ulina B     BP   DE421000267704

v. Chicago Z   ZR -Libertino I     -Tin Rocco

Z.U.B.: Birchler Manfred           CH Bilten


II. Reserve Champion Mare - jumping

DE421000073118 Lalida SP            GEB. 16.05.2018 Schimmel     3389

Million Dollar BEL002W00301601 BWP   O-Calera     BP   DE321210072299

v. Calido I       -Leonid         -Caletto II

Z.U.B.: Oldekop ZG                 Schönwalde



Champion Mare -dressage

DE421000085418 Lady Sunshine SP     GEB. 15.04.2018 Braun       7020

Amber         DE421000277011       Dancing QueenBP   DE421000243011

v. Larimar         -Contender       -Constant

Z.U.B.: Kraas Ekkehard             St. Peter-Ording


I. Reserve Champion Mare -dressage

DE421000526518 Lucille VP           GEB. 15.05.2018 Braun       18A2

Zack         NLD003200407923 WPN   Weiderose   BP   DE421000157806

v. Colman         -Lordship       -Corleone

Z.U.B.: Eitel Michael               Freihung-Thansüss


Further results of the individual rings can be found here:

Results of the individual rings


Photos: Janne Bugtrup