The Holstein Horse Days were also dominated by the Corona Pandemic. The State Championships for dressage and show jumping horses were rescheduled to August 14th to 16th at the request of the active participants, so that the sporting events on the Herber-Blöcker-Platz in Elmshorn took place in a reduced form.

Holstein Champion Mare 2020: Karolin

"We have seen a blood marked, expressive mare crop", was the conclusion of Gerd Sosath at the Holstein Elite Mare Show on the Herbert-Blöcker-Platz. This year, the stallion owner from Lemwerder had taken over the commenting of the best Holstein mares of the 2017 birth year. Of the 49 at the previous breeding district shows, 39 mares had appeared in Elmshorn. "That was of course a pity," commented breeding director Dr. Thomas Nissen, who also attributed the lower number of participants in the preselection to the corona virus. "There were some breeders who preferred to stay at home," he said.


Siegerstute_Dressur_2020_DSC_1834Champion Mare dressage | Kaviera by Zack-Aljano

For the first time, no less than seven mares with dressage pedigrees had qualified for the breeding highlight in Elmshorn, so that there was also a winner in this category. This was the Zack-Aljano daughter Kaviera (line 990). She was bred and shown by the Ellerbrock family from Kayhude, who are dedicated to successful dressage horse breeding. This charming chestnut mare not only convinced with her outstanding movements, she also has prominent relatives. Her half-brother Lavissaro by Lissaro was twice Holstein Riding Horse Champion and under Allegra Schmitz-Moorkramer double European Champion in the dressage arena in the children's age group. The Reserve Champion was awarded to K-Valentina by Vitalis-Dolany (line 776) out of the successful breeding of Günter Fielmann, Schierensee, by the award committee, which included breeding director Dr. Thomas Nissen, Horst K. Heleine (Ober-Ramstdt) and Rasmus Lüneburg (Hetlingen). This large-framed mare also seems to be destined for a career in the large dressage arena. Her dam, De Chirica, is a half-sister of Annabelle by Conteur-Linaro, who is currently competing successfully in dressage up to Grand Prix level under Helen Langehanenberg.


DSC_2098Champion Mare dressage | Karolin v. Charleston-Casiro I

One mare, who was already awarded a close 9 at the foal evaluation and had finished her mare performance test with a 9.1, was right at the top of the jumping mares: Karolin by Charleston-Casiro I (St. 18A2) bred by Eugen Egle, Aepfingen, and owned by Hans-Ulrich Wichmann, Inzighofen-Engelswies, convinced the commission with her superior appearance and very good movements. "This was an outstanding debut by Charleston," commented Dr. Thomas Nissen on the success of the mare, who comes from the first crop of the 2015 Holstein licensing winner. The first Reserve Champion Mare is sired by Cascadello I, who is also responsible for Charleston. The grey mare Kimber by a Corrado I-mother (line 8568) was Champion Mare in the "Foreign Members" district and had already convinced with an exceptionally good result in the mare test. The second reserve victory was won by a representative of the "L-blood": The capital Kassandra II by Livello-Lennon (line 504), who was also very well received by the audience, was bred and shown by the Laß family in Leck.

-> Here you find the mare catalogue (qualified mares for Elmshorn)


Here are the results of the Verband mare show in Elmshorn on June 14, 2020. This year for the first time a dressage and a jumping champion mare was selected:


Champion Mare - jumping

DE421000518517  Karolin SP             GEB. 18.05.2017  Braun        18A2

Charleston    DE421000117013        Baroness VII BP    DE421000567309

v. Casiro I -Colman -Lordship

Z.: Egle Eugen                      Aepfingen

B.: Wichmann Hans-Ulrich            Inzigkofen-Engelswies


I. Reserve Champion Mare - jumping

DE421000404217  Kimber SP              GEB. 07.06.2017  Schimmel     8568

Cascadello I  DE421000288209        N-Claire I   ZB1   DE321210057198

v. Corrado I -Lord -Rushing Water xx

Z.u.B.: Trauffer Cristina           CH - Unterbach


II.Reserve Champion Mare - jumping

DE421000132317  Kassandra II VP        GEB. 15.06.2017  Braun         504

Livello       DE321210057599        Ondia        BP    DE321210338699

v. Lennon -Athlet Z HAN-Liguster

Z.u.B.: Gunnar u. Annika Laß                      Leck



Champion Mare -dressage

DE421000109217  Kaviera SP             GEB. 30.03.2017  Fuchs         990

Zack          NLD003200407923 WPN   Zaviera I    SP    DE421000265807

v. Aljano -Cor de la Bryere SF      -Rocadero

Z.: ZG Nina u. Sonja Ellerbrock                   Kayhude

B.: ZG Helga u. Ernst-J. Ellerbrock                   Kayhude


I. Reserve Champion Mare -dressage

DE421000180317  K-Valentina VP         GEB. 14.02.2017  SwBraun       776

Vitalis       NLD003200700956 WPN   Be Chirica   VP    DE421000270409

v. Dolany -Linaro -Reichsgraf

Z.u.B.: Fielmann Günther            Schierensee


Further results of the individual rings can be found here:

Results of the individual rings


Photos: Janne Bugtrup