Association of Breeders of the Holsteiner Horse e. V.

News from the association of breeders of the Holsteiner horse e. V.

Holsteiner Awards 2018

In addition to Hans-Joachim Ahsbahs being named Holsteiner Breeder of the Year 2018, Neumünster has seen others...

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Holsteiner Verband award plates

The Neumünster stallion grading and auction days provide a welcome opportunity to honour persons for outstanding...

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Gold badge of honour for Peter G. Rathmann and Donata von Preussen

Peter G. Rathmann, Kiel, has received the gold badge of honour for his dedication to horse sport, not only in the...

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Special Award for Hans Thomsen

Only very few breeders are lucky enough to see two home-bred horses qualify to an international championship, but...

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