With the new studbook Holstein Global the Holsteiner Verband has extended the range of the breeding programme to allow breeders with outside-blood horses access to Holsteiner breeding.


The new studbook Holstein Global is on a par with the traditional Holsteiner studbook, so non-Holsteiner mares as well as stallions and their offspring may be bred within the Holsteiner breeding programme in various combinations.


 STUDBOOK HOLSTEIN GLOBAL find further information HERE


For all questions concerning the eligibility for registration of mares, stallions, and foals, please contact the Holsteiner Verband Kiel team, phone +431-3059960, fax +431-336142 or send a copy of the pedigree papers


of MARES Holstein Global to Ms. Dr. Stefanie Bergmann

email: bergmann@holsteiner-verband.de


of STALLIONS Holstein Global to Ms Bettina Mathiszyk

email: mathiszyk@holsteiner-verband.de


The Holsteiner Verband team is looking forward to hearing from you!