In spring 2020 the station tests for 3-year-old Holsteiner mares will be carried out in Elmshorn.

The mares of I. round will be kept at the station for 3 weeks. The first week serves for the acclimatization of the mares, as well as for the unified preparation for the station test. This allows an even level of preparation for all mares to be achieved. On the day of delivery the mares have to be ridden in front of the test director by their own rider. In the first week the mares will not be judged. The station test itself will take place in the 2nd and 3rd week.

There is no preparation for the II. round, the test starts with the day of delivery.

The fees for the entire station test amount to approx. 850 € per mare (I. round) and approx. 650 € (II. round). This includes all costs (accommodation and care of the mares, riding and examination fees).


The following rounds are planned:

I. round: 04.02. - 25.02.2020

II. round: 15.04. - 29.04.2020


Any Holsteiner mare (born in 207) may be entered.

 Should you be interested in having your mare undergo performance testing -which is rather important from the breeder’s point of view - you may enter the mare in question by submitting this entry form to the Holsteiner Verband, Abteilung Zucht, Steenbeker Weg 151, 24106 Kiel.