The current issue of PFERD+SPORT launches a new section. It is addressed to our members from America. For this reason, this section will be printed in English. That way we could keep our members from the US up to date.


Dear breeders of Holsteiner horses in North America,

the board of directors of the Holsteiner Verband is welcoming you amongst it`s members.
You made a good choice to join the Holsteiner Verband. Our association has a long tradition and has with the Holsteiner horse a world known brand name.

With your help we would like to expand the importance of our breed in North America thereby offer a good service to our breeders.

The AHHA's membership has voted overwhelmingly to merge with the Holsteiner Verband in Germany.  During the transition period, the AHHA office will continue to operate normally, providing answers to your questions, taking registrations forms, performing ownership transfers, and accepting approvals entries just as it always has.  Also the fee schedule will remain for this year as it was always. The address of the office has changed, but the office phone number and email remain the same.

Starting in 2018 all breeders will receive original Holsteiner papers for their foals born this year and they will be fully integrated in the breeding program of the HOlsteiner Verband. Therefor they have to become a member with the Holsteiner Verband.

The procedure to become a member of the Holsteiner Verband was negotiated with the American Holsteiner Horse Association (AHHA) as follows:

You made a good choice to join the Holsteiner Verband. With a special fee´s arrangement, every breeder that is currently a member or a member in 2017 of the AHHA will have to complete a Holsteiner Verband membership form and pay an annual membership fee of 100 Euro. The AHHA will then subsidize your membership by paying the 75 Euro initiation fee.   The remaining one time initiation fee of 225 Euro for full membership has to be paid in 2019. The board of directors of the Holsteiner Verband has agreed to hold another vote on the subject if at least 300 new members from North America will join the Holsteiner Verband.

It’s important that each breeder sends his membership application form personally to us. Please send it directly to the Holsteiner Verband after having sent your registration form to the AHHA.

Then you will get an invoice by email with a payment-link.  Once the Holsteiner Verband receives your payment, the AHHA will forward the additional Euro 75 on your behalf.

You can find membership forms with the following link:

If you have questions about membership please contact:
Dr. Stefanie Bergmann
Verband der Züchter des Holsteiner Pferdes e.V.


Inspection tour with Dr. Thomas Nissen and Michael Gonell:
September 14th at Royal Oaks Farm, Thousand Oaks, California

September 15th Rancho Corozon, Lemitar, New Mexico

September 17th Prairie Pines Farm, Welborn. Florida

September 19th Hyperion Stud, Barboursville, Virginia

September 24th Les Haras de Saules Calixa-Lavalee, Quebec, Canada

The dates of the inspection tour with judge Matt Davis:
September 8th First Flight Farm, Boerne, Texas

September 9th Millcreek Equestrian, New Carlisle, Ohio

September 11th Tempus Tugit Farm, Longmont, Colorado

We would like to invite breeders and owners to come and join us at the Inspection sites to visit with our Judges. We are excited to have Dr. Thomas Nissen, director of the Holsteiner Verband breeding division, to be available at some of the inspection sites to meet with the American Breeders.