In the future, updates on the activities of the Holsteiner Verband board will be provided on a regular basis. From now on, we would like to inform you, dear members, about results and decisions reached by the board. However, we sincerely hope you will understand that not all decisions can be made public right away.

Item I

The newly founded working committee dealing with new ideas for the Elmshorn Verband facility met for the first time on 14 September. During the evening, numerous ideas and suggestions have been compiled and discussed. Ranging from horse shows and training classes, energetic optimisation, the use of free living quarters, subsidies, up to reactivating the cross country obstacles and possible alternatives for the trotting race grandstand, an extensive catalogue has been assembled – always keeping in mind the day-to-day routines and business.
This first meeting was intended for the participants to get to know each other and exchange ideas. In the next step, working groups are tasked to compile a calendar of events and develop concepts for structural measures. First sponsors for reactivating the cross country obstacles have already been found. The second meeting of the entire working committee is scheduled for early November. Anybody willing to get involved is welcome to bring up suggestions or get engaged in the further procedure.

Item 2

In place of the planned embryo auction sale, an informative meeting followed by a panel discussion on ICSI and embryo transfer has been scheduled for early December. The results of the discussion shall be used to gather our members’ range of opinion on the handling of these breeding methods at the breeding district meetings held in January 2022.

Item 3

Patrick Hansen (Schmalfeld) has started working for the Holsteiner Verband as assistant to Roland Metz on 1 October. The 32-year-old marketing communication merchant looks back on eleven years of experience at an advertising agency; his future job also involves the promotion of the marketing of the marketing GmbH.

Item 4

The previous, current, and future approach has been discussed with the new animal welfare officer, Dr.Thomas Nissen.

Item 5

As agreed with Richard Vogel, Crack will not participate in the world young horse championship. The six-year-old stallion has performed exceptionally well in the state as well as the national championship; moreover, he has been frequently bred this season. With the young horse’s welfare and well-being in mind, he will not compete at Lanaken.


Photo: Janne Bugtrup