The inspection tour for mares and foals in the extended breeding area will continue tomorrow (26 June 2020) in Niedersachsen (Germany).

On the recommendation of the respective regulatory authorities, which approved the events, schedules and ring divisions were planned.

Here you can find the timetables and ring divisions for Oyten, Bienenbüttel/Edendorf and Dorsten-Hardt.

Note about the date on 28.6.20 in Dorsten:
The current situation in NRW requires special attention. At this point in time, we maintain the registration in Dorsten on 28 June 2020. We would publish any changes here.

We kindly ask all participants to print out the following attendance certificate and bring it to the event.

Attendance certificate

In addition, the required safety measures must be observed, which are valid at the time. This includes, among other things, that no visitors are admitted, i.e. that only the participating mare/foal owners and possibly presenters are allowed to be on site at the inspection sites. These persons must also maintain the prescribed safety distance from each other and wear protective masks.

Important note on chipping: For the protection of all present breeders and the Holsteiner team we ask that the foals come to the registration area already chipped this year. For foals not yet chipped, the breeder will receive a form with which he can report the chip number to the Verband. Please arrange for the chip marking by your veterinarian in due time.

Foal inspection and registration 2020 Click here to see the FOALS!

Later additions to the foal catalogue are available here. (The association > breeding and licensing > foals > foal registration > 8.equine passport/foal catalogue).


The stable owners and the team of the Holsteiner Verband are pleased that we are able to hold these events for our breeders despite the current situation and ask everyone to help us to comply with the regulations.


Inspection and registration dates 2021


Photo: Janne Bugtrup