The Neumünster stallion grading and auction days provide a welcome opportunity to honour persons for outstanding services to the Holsteiner breed. The following breeders and owners have been awarded this honour in 2017:

Sören von Rönne, Neuendeich, breeder of Quiwitino WZ by Quiwi Dream-Caretino, World vice 5-year-old show jumping Champion

Wolfgang Zipperle, owner of Quiwitino WZ


Hans-Hinrich Hansen, Ottenbüttel, breeder of Calvino by Castellan II-Literat, bronze medal at the World 5-year-old show jumping Championship


Hanno Köhncke, breeder of Costbar by Clarimo-Contender, National 6-year-old event horse Champion

Dörthe Loheit, owner of Costbar


Jennifer Bardtke-Radewald, Großjörl, breeder of Dajara by Carrico-Caretino, National Reserve 6-year-old event horse Champion

Jeanette von Schiller, owner of Dajara


Ferdinand Baumann, Kempen, breeder of Darcy F by Larimar-Esteban xx, 4th in the National 6-year-old event horse Championship  

Andreas Baumann, owner of Darcy F


Claus-Heinrich Petersen, breeder of Deike by Diarado-Alcatraz, 3rd in the National 5-year-old event horse Championship  

Pferd Total GmbH u. Ko. KG, owner of Deike


Matthias Meuser, Heist, breeder of De Lütt by Casall-Cassini I – bronze medal at the National 6-year-old showjumping Championship

Linn Seongyun, owner of De Lütt


Margit Petersen, Sollwitt, breeder of Coral by Corrado I-Nekton, 4th in the National 6-year-old showjumping Championship

Hengststation Sollwitt, Thomas Petersen, Owner of Coral


Uwe Bahr, Langenhorn, breeder of Can ya Mekan by Corrado I-Cassini I, 4th in the National 5-year-old showjumping Championship

Hemi Yasser, owner of Can ya Mekan


Jörg Harder, Wewelsfleth, breeder of Casallantum by Casall-Quantum, 6th in the National 5-year-old showjumping Championship

Herbert Ulonska, owner of Casallantum


The attending horses also received a rug and the riders a smart jacket from the Rathmann publishing company.

Photo: Jan Lüneburg (right) gives the award plates to the Köhnke family and Dörthe Loheit. (c) Janne Bugtrup