The national champions of the 4- to 7-year-old show jumpers and the 5- and 6-year-old dressage horses were announced on the 12th and 13th of June 2018 in Elmshorn.

Four-year-olds: Unlimited

Two years ago, Unlimited by Uriko-Casall (bred by Klaus Thiedemann, Oesterwurth) had wowed the Neumünster crowd as Holsteiner champion stallion. Now the four-year-old owned by the Holsteiner Verband stallion keeping GmbH, Elmshorn, outperformed the competition in the four-year-old State Championship. The judges awarded him 8.5 for his round under the saddle of Pashalis Ballas at the new show ground, attesting to the stallion’s “very good rideability, quick reactions over the jump and good overview”. Scoring 8.4, Catdaddy, a Cascadello I-Quidam de Revel offspring (Gerd Ohlsen,Oevenum) ridden by Thomas Kleis became reserve champion. Scoring 8.3, Uston by Uriko-Clarimo (Otto Boje Schoof, Hedwigenkoog) finished on third position under the saddle of Takashi Haase.



Five-year-olds: Chaka Chaka

Scoring 9.0, the first round’s top mark, and 8.6,the second round’s second-best mark, Chaka Chaka by Casall-Contender (Daniel Lehmann, CH-Ormalingen) secured the five-year-old champion title. Eight years ago, his full brother, Chijioke, had already won the four-year-old Championship. “This has been his first start at M“, said his happy rider-owner Nina Weck, who had purchased Chaka Chaka a short time after he was born. According to the gentlemen at the judges’ table, “Chaka Chaka displays good reactions and is super careful”. Dialuna by Diarado-Quidam’s Rubin (Klaus Peter Wiepert, Neu-Ratjensdorf) with Christian Hess came second, and Corsall by Connor-Lennon (Klaus Rohwedder, Goldelund) took third place with Felix Ewald.



Six-year-olds: Casallantum

Already last year the stallion station Maas J.Hell had celebrated Casallantum by Casall-Quantum (Jörg Harder, Wewelsfleth) taking the champion title (in the five-year-old class). Scoring the highest mark, 9.2, when jumping the course the stallion ridden by Takashi Haase had been among the top nine qualified for the jump-off against the clock. “Very good take-off and very smooth approach“, the judges commented on Casallantum’s round. The vice champion, Sir Gomez by Stanfour-Landos (Max-Hermann Johannsen, Hörup) ridden by Claas Christoph Gröpper as well as the third placed, Calle Deluxe by Cesano II-Con Air (Karl-Ernst Kruse-Sönke, Kollmar) under Volkert Naeve, had jumped the course scoring 8.3, both.



Seven-year-olds: Quibery

Quibery by Quintero-Caretino (Hobe Magens, Ottenbüttel), owned by the Holsteiner Verband stallion keeping GmbH, had already demonstrated that he can do fast several weeks ago by winning the youngster final at the Hamburg Derby ground. Ridden by Bart van der Maat the stallion which had already won the five-year-old Jumping Championship two years ago, was ahead by a nose in the seven-year-olds championship’s jump-off. The stallion from the famous Bühne mare family finished well over two seconds faster than Dakota by Cormint-Cassiano (Gunda Reese, Loop) with Jaqueline Reese. Chianti by Cachas-Aloubé Z (ZG Jessen, Bredstedt) and Kristin Kirchner came third.



Dressage Horse Champions: Lavissaro and Casbah H

The dressage horses also saw a reprise: Last year’s five-year old Champion, Lavissaro by Lissaro-Aljano (ZG Ellerbrock, Kayhude) and his rider Sonja Ellerbrock seized the title at six-year-old, as well. The bay won at an overall score of 8.1 (trot 8.5; walk 7.5, canter 8.0; throughness 8.5; overall impression 8). Scoring 7.4, Hirtenliesel by Hirtentanz-Caretino (Udo Wagner, Angermünde), ridden by Karin Winter-Polac, became vice champion.  Having been awarded a straight 7 by the judges, Cesca Estella by Catoo-Cor de la Byère (Susanne Schmidt, Ahrensbök) and Alexander Fasch finished third. 



Two years ago, Markus von Holdt had been in the saddle of then five-year-old champion, Claretto. Now he rode Casbah H by Catoo-Loutano (ZG von Gaucker/Borchardt, Hamburg) to victory in the same class. The judges awarded 8.2 overall for his performance (trot 8, walk 9; canter 8, throughness 8, overall impression 8). The Oldenburg mare Scarlett by San Amour-Comics (Erja Aholainen, Hollingstedt) and Jan Lens came second at 7.9, the Holsteiner approved Totilas son Tocanto out of a Canturo dam (Reimer Nagel, Friedrichskoog) took third place (7.7) with Catherine Meyer.



Photos: Janne Bugtrup