You would like to register your mare with the Holsteiner Verband and are wondering what options are available? You have heard that there are also alternative registration possibilities and would like to find out more? The new Holsteiner Guide series provides answers to these and other questions about Holsteiner horse breeding.

If you want to actively breed with your three-year-old or older mare, the mare must be registered in the Holsteiner Verband's Studbook for mares. An established and proven way to register are the collection dates in the respective breeding districts. Outside of Schleswig-Holstein, mare registrations are combined with foal registrations. These traditional collection places offer many advantages to the breeder and are considered by the Holsteiner Verband to be the most important form of mare registration in order to maintain direct contact with the breeder in the age of digitalisation and to preserve proven traditions. The evaluation by experienced judges, the direct comparison with other mares as well as the exchange with breeders and the possibility to qualify a mare for the final ring and possibly for the Verband mare show in Elmshorn are only given at these dates.

You can find all information on this of mare registration at collection centres here. Deadline for registration this year is 19 March. Costs: 60 Euros per mare (outside Schleswig-Holstein an additional 20 Euros per mare distance allowance).

However, if you are unable to travel to one of the dates, the Holsteiner Verband offers you two further options for registering your three-year-old or older mare: For a farm appointment, please register at the Kiel office by 30 June each year at the latest. There the requests will be collected and a tour will be organised in autumn. You will receive a confirmation of your request for a farm appointment at the end of August. The judging will be done by the experienced judges directly on site. Costs: 60 Euro per mare plus 150 Euro flat fee for the farm appointment.

A digital registration of your mare is also possible without any problems. All you have to do is record a few video sequences of your horse and send them by e-mail or WeTransfer together with the name and height of the mare after consultation with the Verband staff in the Kiel office. The registration of the mare on the basis of the videos will be done by our Breeding Director Stephan Haarhoff. To complete the registration, please send the horse's passport by registered mail to the Kiel office. There the registration sticker with the recorded data will be attached to the horse's passport. You will then receive the passport back by cash on delivery or registered mail. Costs: 60 Euros per mare plus 50 Euros per mare for the digital registration.

In this video you can see how a digital registration is done and which sequences are to be filmed for it.


If you have any questions regarding mare registration, please feel free to contact the office staff in Kiel at any time:

Breeders in Schleswig-Holstein please contact Götz Hartmann: phone: 0431-305996 1, mail:

Breeders outside Schleswig-Holstein please contact Dr. Stefanie Bergmann: Phone: 0431-305996 51, Mail:

Breeding Manager Stephan Haarhoff: Phone: 0431-305996 0, Mail:

Photo: Janne Bugtrup