The Holsteiner Verband's mare tests are held in the form of station and field test. In a module of the Holsteiner Guide it has already been explained how a 14-day station test works. This year the one-day field test will take place on 29 April, 5 May and 23 June in Elmshorn. But which mares can be registered until when? What conditions do the horses have to fulfil and how are they tested? What are the advantages of a successfully passed mare performance test? The new series Holsteiner Guide gives answers to these and other questions about Holsteiner breeding.

The one-day field test is conducted on behalf of the Holsteiner Verband by the Landeskommission für Pferdeleistungsprüfungen. It starts with the evaluation of the free jumping by two judges. Afterwards, the mare is presented again to the jury under her own rider in a division of up to four horses to check the basic gaits and rideability. Then the foreign rider test takes place to assess the rideability. The mares should mount their rider without any problems and be able to be ridden in the three basic gaits on the track.

Previously, three- and four-year-old mares were allowed to take the field test, but in 2021, five-year-olds will be able to take the test for the first time. "At the request of some breeders, we are happy to make this possible," explains Breeding Director Stephan Haarhoff, "for those mares that are still given some time until they start training or have already had a foal." In addition, if a mare takes part in the field test on 29 April (only on this date!), she can also be entered directly in the Holsteiner Verband studbook without having to attend a separate registration date. Please indicate with your entry if your mare is to be entered in the studbook.

The conformation evaluation for entry in the studbook will take place before the free jumping of the mares on the outdoor arena (Horstmanns Garten). The height will be recorded in hand before the presentation. Please also present the mare's equine passport. The evaluation of the basic gaits will take place during the free jumping performance. A successfully passed mare performance test is, among other things, a prerequisite for the award of a state premium title.

In order to be able to weight the suitability of each mare even better, the evaluation can be dressage or jumping emphasised - depending on what the owner of the mare has indicated on the entry form. In the case of mares with dressage emphasis, for example, the basic gaits and rideability are given higher weighting, and in the case of mares with jumping emphasis, free jumping is given higher weighting. The final mark of the field test results from the weighting of the marks of the individual characteristics.

The Landeskommission für Pferdeleistungsprüfungen in Bad Segeberg accepts applications for the field test: Here you can find the announcement.

The closing date for entries is 14 days before each test date: on 12 April, 21 April and 9 June 2021). Holsteiner mares that are descended from a young stallion or a thoroughbred stallion, belong to a member of the Holsteiner Verband and have passed a test in Schleswig-Holstein will receive a subsidy of approximately 500 Euros.

If you have any questions regarding the field test, please do not hesitate to contact Götz Hartmann (office Kiel): phone: 0431-305996 1, mail:

Photo: Janne Bugtrup