The first Holsteiner Verband delegate assembly held in person this year dealt among other things with the election of new members to the stallion grading committee and the objection committee. In addition, the assembly passed amendments to the constitution allowing mares to attain a state premium title on the basis of results in competition in the future. Moreover, there was good news with regard to the current WBFSH ranking: In the studbook ranking, the Holsteiner Verband takes second position in jumping and first place following the successes of eventing horses with Holsteiner pedigree papers. 

For the members of the board newly elected in March, chairman Hinrich Romeike, his deputy Dr. Maximilian Slawinski as well as Inken Gräfin von Platen-Hallermund, Harm Sievers and Dieter Feddersen, it had been the first meeting of its kind. Following the reports of executive director Roland Metz (Holsteiner Verband as a whole; marketing and auction GmbH) and Norbert Boley (stallion keeping GmbH) and breeding director Stephan Haarhoff, the periodic re- and new elections of some members of the stallion grading committee were on the agenda. Jens Hauschildt wanted to make room for a younger person acting on the stallion grading committee and also Wulf-Hinrich Hamann was not up for re-election to the grading committee as representative of the competition riders. Harm Sievers resigned from the objection committee due to his activity on the board, Tjark Nagel and Hermann Blohm retired on grounds of age. For the remaining term of Jens Hauschildt until 2023, Horst-Klaus Heleine received the most votes in the ballot. Christian Thoroe and, as replacement member, Deike Ahsbahs, were elected on the stallion grading committee for a four-year term. Lars Nieberg was elected as competition rider to the committee for a four-year term, Max Kühner received the second most votes as future replacement member. Office holders on the objection committee had to be re- or newly elected as well:  Rasmus Lüneburg was elected as member for four years, Friedrich Wettberg as replacement member for a four-year term. Two competition riders were also needed for the objection committee for the next four years. The delegates voted for Carsten-Otto Nagel (member) and Peter Jakob Thomsen (replacement member).

Animal Welfare Representative and State Premium Based on Results in Competition
Following amendments to the constitution, mares having been awarded a Verband premium title at the Verband mare show at the age of three are now eligible for state premium status provided they have attained the required results in competition. Up to now, having successfully completed mare performance testing had been the only option for obtaining a state premium title. “We want to promote and further encourage any Holsteiner breeding efforts towards sport orientation“, breeding director Stephan Haarhoff points out. For this reason Verband premium mares which have not undergone mare performance testing but with official documentation of age-appropriate results in competition will now be eligible for state premium status. The owner can apply in writing for the state premium title to be awarded subsequently. As before, to be eligible the mare must have the appropriate pedigree papers, stand at least 160cm, have attained a score of 52 points (type score no less than 8 points) and have participated in the Elmshorn Verband mare show. Four-year-old mares must have results in elementary classes for riding horses or at A level, five-year-olds at L level and six-year-olds at M level. With regard to the changes to the stallion grading system called for by the newly issued guidelines “animal welfare in equestrianism”, the Holsteiner Verband has already developed a concept how to carry out stallion grading events and auction sales in the future. Moreover, the post of animal welfare representative has been incorporated into the constitution. “By doing so, the Holsteiner Verband sends out a forward-looking signal”, chairman Hinrich Romeike said, “and we clearly demonstrate to politicians how much we care about our horses’ wellbeing.” Moreover, the acting board honoured the activities of the former interim board with the Holsteiner Verband badge of honour: while Carmen Hinrichsen-Bockmeyer, Kathrin Huesmann, Claus Delfs and Thomas Voß have been awarded the bronze badge of honour, the former chairman Hinrich Köhlbrandt received the silver badge of honour from the hands of the acting board members who thanked the interim board for their work and efforts.

WBFSH Rankings
The current rankings of the World Breeding Federation for Sport Horses (WBFSH) have been recently issued. The Holsteiner Verband takes first place in eventing (as at May 2021), and holds an excellent second place in the ranking of the jumping horse stud books. The six most successful Holsteiner eventing horses head the table of the stud book ranking having accumulated 884 points. Having collected a total of 3,319 points, the Holsteiner jumping horses secured second position after the studbook Selle Français.

 Photo: Janne Bugtrup