In addition to Hans-Joachim Ahsbahs being named Holsteiner Breeder of the Year 2018, Neumünster has seen others being recognized for their achievements as well.


Holsteiner Verband gold badge of honour: Dr. Jochen Polac

Mare performance testing forms an integral part of the Holsteiner breeding programme. Prior to being bred the three-year-old fillies undergo performance testing – many of them at the Polac family’s Lürschau facility. Launched as a breeding district North Frisia and Schleswig-Flensburg pilot project 30 years ago, the system is still much appreciated by breeders from all over the breeding area. “Mare performance testing” is a topic still very close to the heart of the entire family - Dr. Jochen Polac, Wiebke Polac and Karin Winter-Polac. The breeders have confidence in their work with the fillies, as the Lürschau facility has built a regular team of riders and grooms with a knack for exposing significant information about the fillies natural riding horse ability. Particularly in the first years, this convincing work relied heavily on a cooperation with the head of training based on mutual trust. For more than 25 years, Herbert Blöcker as head of training has had a great influence on Lürschau’s high standard along with the team of Dr.Polac and Karin Winter-Polac. Today, Tim Markus is in charge of the training. As yet, almost 2500 fillies have been performance tested at Lürschau, including future stallion dam’s and Holsteiner champion mares-to-be like Only You (2002), Zisterne (2010), Graziella BB (2017) and Hevita (2018). For many years, Trakehner breeders have been sending their fillies to Lürschau for performance testing as well, and the Horse Studbook Schleswig-Holstein has been relying on the Polac family’s competence for more than 25 years now. A grandson of Hans Fellgiebel, the Bad Harzburg state stud director held in high esteem for his wealth of horse knowledge, Dr. Jochen Polac contracted the horse bug at an early age. Having taken over his father’s Lürschau veterinary surgery in 1971, he specialized on horses exclusively, taking care for example of the stallion stations Karl-Heinrich Goos in Jübek and Thomas Petersen in Sollwittfeld. Cor de la Bryère used to be the figure head of the North Frisian stallion station then. Over time, the Lürschau stable also stood various Holsteiner Verband-owned stallions, like for example Aljano. Karin Winter-Polac has made a name for herself as a dressage horse producer with this Alasca-Latino son she developed to Grand Prix level and is known to bring highly talented dressage horses into the sport again and again. 


Holsteiner Verband silver badge of honour: Alessandro Mingoli

For 20 years now Alessandro Mingoli and his wife Lisa have been coming to Holstein to discover horses for his clients in Italy. The first contact was made during the Baltic Horse Show in Kiel. In the beginning, the main focus of the cooperation between Holsteiner Verband and Aessandro Mingoli was on the sales stable, whereas now the Italian mostly visits the auctions with his clients. Not unfrequently, they have purchased the highest priced lot or else a number of high priced horses at Neumünster and Elmshorn. Moreover, the Mingolis themselves are successful Holsteiner breeders as well, having bred for example the licensed stallion Callaho’s Con Coriano (by Contender). Alessandro Mingoli has been awarded the silver badge of honour for his 20-year cooperation with the Holsteiner Verband.



Holsteiner Verband silver badge of honour: Bernd Kupfer

Insurance is a matter of trust and the Holsteiner Verband has been lucky to have Bernd Kupfer at its side as the Quickborn-based insurance salesman (R+V insurance) has been taking care of all insurance related matters around the foals, mares, riding horses and stallions. He has been a competent and trustworthy contact for our customers at the Elmshorn foal auctions as well as the Elmshorn and Neumünster riding horse auctions. Also for our visitors at the Neumünster approval and auction, Bernd Kupfer is a familiar face, as he supports the auction office team in their struggle with tickets, catalogues and many more. Bernd Kupfer never loses track and keeps his enviable cool even at the height of the onslaught just before the free-jumping phase.



Holsteiner Verband bronze badge of honour: Sabine Verhaagh

Even though she has long outgrown the young breeder stage herself, Sabine Verhaagh of Neuendorf is something like the Holsteiner young breeders’ heart and soul. Almost ten years ago, she had been elected president of the Pinneberg young breeders club as there had been no others willing to take on this sometimes rather time consuming office which she had then held for six years. Moreover, Sabine Verhaagh had also been involved with young breeder related topics beyond her club. During this time, the Young Breeders friends’ association had been set up. Sabine Verhaagh, whose son Mandes breeds three Holsteiner mares, took over the chair from Jan Behrens in 2014. Focused, committed and with new ideas Sabine Verhaagh has continued to developed this association aiming to improve the young breeders’ financial and material support with members not only supporting the young breeders, but also benefitting from interesting events and trips.



To the most successful breeder of Holsteiner eventing horses - a silver plate given by the Verein zur Förderung des Vielseitigkeitsreitens (registered society to promote eventing) in Schleswig-Holstein and Hamburg e.V:

Karl-Jochen Maas

The former Holsteiner Verband deputy chairman, Karl-Jochen Maas, and his wife Karin are really busy on many weekends. They follow the results of event horse competitions all over the world online as five horses bred by the Maas family in Südermarsch compete with great success. Two horses, Zazu and Colorfast II, full siblings by Canto out of Larky by Parco TB had been purchased by the Holsteiner Verband as foals and then sold abroad. Zazu is primarily shown in the UK and Ireland and has won at 2*-level under Kiwi James Avery. Her brother Colorfast II is one year older and also in the UK where he is shown at 2*-level by US American rider Katherine Coleman. Ascona M and Bahira M, two full sisters by Cassaro-Carpaccio that both their career in Germany under Swedish championship rider Louise Svensson-Jähde have been really lucky with their riders. Ascona M, finalist in the 2014 National Young Horse Championships, boasts wins and placings at 2*- and 3*-level respectively under Tim and Noelle Price, who represented New Zealand at the Tryon World Equestrian Games. Nine-year-old Bahira M is also in the UK, at the stable of Australian rider Christopher Burton with whom she has won at 2*-level.

And then there is Clifford M by Cristo-Carpaccio. This half brother to the aforementioned mares has placed at 3*-level in the United States with Charlotte Caulier.


Holsteiner Verband plate of honour

Breeders and owners of Holsteiner horses having successfully competed at the Warendorf National Championships, achieved important international results or made a name for themselves for their successful sport horse offspring, have been recognized at Neumünster. They have been given the Holsteiner Verband plate of honour, whereas their riders were given jackets sponsored by the Holsteiner Verband and the Rathmann company, Kiel.


Tryon World Equestrian Games

Jumping, individual  6th place

Chardonnay by Clarimo-Corrado I

Breeder: Ernst-Uwe Sachau, Bohmstedt

Rider/owner: Max Kühner, Starnberg


Askari by Acord II-Lavall I – sire of DSP Alice

Individual World Jumping Champion with Simone Blum

Breeder: Ute Lill-Bonnhoff, Kl. Offenseth



Cero by Calido I-Come On – sire of Zeremonie

Team World Jumping Champion with Laura Kraut (USA)

Breeder: Harm Thormählen, Kollmar


Clarimo by Clearway-Caletto II – sire of Chardonnay

6th individually with Max Kühner (Austria)

Breeder: Ernst-Uwe Sachau, Bohmstedt


World seven-year-old Eventing Championships

5th                JL Dublin by Diarado-Canto with Nicola Wilson (GB)

Breeder: Volker Göttsche-Götze, Groß Buchwald

Owner: Mr and Mrs Lambert and Ms D. Johnson (GB)



DKB National Young Horse Championships 2018

Six-year-old jumping horses

3rd                Lacalito by Legolas-Cancara

            Breeder/owner: Dr. Gerd Ottersky, Brunsbüttel

            Rider: Markus Merschformann, Laer


4th                Cellato by Cellestial-Calato

            Breeder: Jörn Kusel, Visselhövede

            Owner: Petra Niemann,Estorf

            Rider: Dieter Smitz, Bad Nenndorf


5th                Con Cordia 2 by Connor-Lasino

            Breeder: Jan Kai Hansen, Wiemerstedt

            Owner/rider: Sandra Auffarth, Ganderkesee



Five-year-old eventing horses

2nd                Dorotheental’s Canela by Cormint-Cassini I

            Breeder/owner: ZG v. Dörnberg / v. Malaise, Damp

            Rider: Lotte Palmgren, Lindewitt


5th                Luisao 3 by Larimar-Leandro

            Breeder: Petra Lorenz, Rheinzabern

            Owner: Jürgen Petersen, Wes

            Rider: Malin Petersen, Wees


6th             Corragio by Cayado-Contender

            Breeder: Hobe Magens, Ottenbüttel

            Owner: Pferd Total GmbH & Co. KG, Weil am Rhein

            Rider: Anna Siemer, Salzhausen


Six-year-old eventing horses

6th                Cesandro 2 by Catoo-Anthony’s Dream xx

            Breeder: Klaus Detlef Harbeck, Hoevede

            Owner: Martin Prignitz, Kollmoor

            Rider: Stephan Dubsky, Verden


Seven-year-old jumping horses

4th                PM Curtis by Clarimo-Cardino

            Breeder/owner: Peter Marcussen, Braderup

            Rider: Stefan Jensen, Bosbüll



Hamburg 2018 Derby  

2nd                Claus Dieter by Clarimo-Cantus

            Breeder: Klaus-Dieter Schmidt, Klixbüll

            Owner: Zuchthof Claren, Pulheim

            Rider: Gilbert Tillmann, Grevenbroich



World Cup Jumping Competition Dubai 2018

2nd                Be Aperle by Clarimo-Concerto II

            Breeder/owner: Manfred von Allwörden, Grönwohld

            Rider: Jörg Naeve, Ehlersdorf



Young Jumping Rider European Championship Fontainebleau 2018

Team silver         Quinley 3 by Quintero-Calato

                                               Breeder: Anke Siewertsen, Utersum

                                               Owner: Jose Alberto Martinez Barone, Mexico

                                               Rider: Jesse Luther, Wittmoldt


German Equestrian Youth Championship Munich 2018

Children Showjumping

3rd                Venetzia by Levisto-Capitol I

            Breeder: Jörg Carstensen, Sollwitt

            Owner: Hengststation Sollwitt GbR, Sollwitt

            Rider: Tjade Carstensen, Sollwitt


Junior Showjumping and gold at “Preis der Besten”

5th                Nerrado by Nekton-Acorado I

            Breeder: Uwe Krohn, Kaiser-Wilhelm-Koog

            Owner: Ernst Keller, CH-Watt

            Rider: Hannes Ahlmann, Reher


HGW-Emerging Rider Championship Leipzig

1st                Henry Delfs, Eichede

            Cordano D by Carrico-Lordanos

           Breeder/owner: Claus Delfs, Steinburg


U 25 Eventing Sponsorship Award

1st                Carjatan S by Clearway-Parco xx

            Breeder: Carl Friedrich Söhrmann, Groß Buchwald

            Owner/rider: Christoph Wahler (talent support group), Warendorf