Peter G. Rathmann, Kiel, has received the gold badge of honour for his dedication to horse sport, not only in the land between the seas, and to horse breeding, from the hands of Holsteiner Verband chairman Thies Beuck.

The honorific speech was held by honorary chairman and FN president Breido Graf zu Rantzau. The Rathmann publishing company’s long-time chief executive succeeded in developing the “Holsteiner rag“ he had taken over in 1987 into a magazine – PFERD+SPORT – highly esteemed and appreciated all over Germany. In the 1980s, he initiated the Raisdorf horse show which was able to attract high-profile competitors from all over Germany and Europe within a short time. In 1990, now under the brand name Baltic Horse Show, the event was held in the Ostseehall in Kiel for the first time, drawing world-class starters like Rodrigo Pessoa, Markus Fuchs or Ludger Beerbaum. In order to secure the BHS funding on a long-term basis, Peter G. Rathmann established the Holsteiner Masters partner and management association in 2004. The Holsteiner Masters not only supported the horse show in Kiel which was held for the last time in 2016, but are also committed to support and promote youth work and young talents, regional horse shows, Holsteiner breeders, and volunteer work, all in the realm of competitive horse riding. The Meteor award, initiated by Peter G. Rathmann and the Holsteiner Masters, is being considered one of the most distinguished awards on the equestrian scene. Peter G. Rathmann has set standards with a wealth of activities for the benefit of Holsteiner horse breeding and competitive riding.

Donata von Preußen has also been awarded the gold badge of honour. The magazine has developed to its current standard - Breido Graf zu Rantzau called it the best breed society periodical in Germany in his speech – thanks to its editor of 25 years. Now the excellent journalist is going to retire part-time, but fortunately she will still be available to “her” magazine – and the Holsteiner horse - as a freelancer. Asked about her plans for her spare time now, she revealed her intention to visit other grading sites, as well. And you can be sure, she is hardly ever going to miss an international eventing competition – this would be inconceivable for a resident of Luhmühlen.


Photo: Breido Graf zu Rantzau (left) held the speech to honour Donata von Preußen and Peter G. Rathmann. Both received the gold badge of honour from Holsteiner Verband chairman Thieß Beuck (second right). (c) Janne Bugtrup