There are the following changes in the timetable of the breeding district Steinburg:

Breeding district Steinburg

1st day Monday, 27.07.2020
12.00 Uhr Wacken, Jansen, Hauptstr. 21
13.00 Uhr Reher, Ahlmann, Vierthstr. 82
14.30 Uhr Ottenbüttel, Magens, Ünnerste Dörpstr. 11
16.00 Uhr Dägeling, Pahl, Wellenberg 6
17.00 Uhr Kollmoor, Prignitz, Dorfstr. 7

2nd day Tuesday, 28.07.2020
09.45 Uhr Beidenfleth, Rump, Uhrendorf 22
10.45 Uhr Borsfleth, Prof.Schmidt, Am Altendeich 46
11.30 Uhr Hodorf, I.Jahr, Constanze Hof
13.15 Uhr Langenhals, Harm Thormählen, Selkweg 4
14.15 Uhr Sommerland, Wieting, Kamerland 18
15.00 Uhr Grevenkop, Dr.Gumpert, Audeich 3
15.45 Uhr Breitenburg, Graf Rantzau, Schloß Breitenburg
17.00 Uhr foal championship der Sparkasse Westholstein

The foal championship of the Sparkasse Westholstein in Breitenburg takes place this year without presentation of the championship foals. At 17.00 o'clock the award ceremony will be held within the framework of a barbecue evening. The best foals qualify for the State Foal Championships (Landesfohlenchampionat) on Sunday, 27.09.2020, in Bad Segeberg.



Further changes in the schedule of this year's inspection and registration tours will be announced immediately on our website.

Inspection and registration dates 2020


Important: In case the registration/inspection date is nearing and you have not yet received the registration documents even though you have submitted the Certificate of Birth in due form, do not hesitate to contact the Kiel office (0049-431-305996-0)!


Foal inspection and registration 2020 Click here to see the FOALS!

Later additions to the foal catalogue are available shortly before the foal inspections held in the individual breeding districts here.  (The association > breeding and licensing > foals > foal registration > 8.equine passport/foal catalogue).

Moreover, the foal catalogue is available for purchase at the inspection sites or at the Holsteiner Verband Kiel office ( phone +49 (0) 431 305 996 0).


 Photo: Götz Hartmann