Your foal has been born. Now several administrative requirements must be fulfilled prior to a foal being presented for registration and inspection. In the following we have summarized the most important steps for you.

When your foal is born, please download and complete a Breeding Certificate and send it to us per email (for Embryo Transfer use this form), including the Foal Report portion. Please note, that the stallion owner has to sign the covering part. In the case of Embryo Transfer, please be sure that there is a signature of a Veterinarian. You will find some helpful instruction in completing the form in the Foal Form section below.  Send it via email to

After the Certificate of Birth has been received, we will send you the registration documents (diagram, documents for the DNA testing) from Germany via email. You will receive the microchip from our office of the North American Breeding District by postal service.

Places and dates for the inspection of 2019 will be published in the months ahead.  If you are not able to bring your foal/yearling/mare to an inspection place, but you would like to register your foal/yearling/mare, please contact us directly via email at

If you are not a member of Holsteiner Verband, please download the membership form, and make sure that your mare is activated in the breeding year.

If you want to approve your mare, please download the form for the mare inspection (form posted soon!)

If there are questions left please contact us in Germany at or our contact Patti Mahaffey at the office from the North American Breeding District at .



In order to best serve you, we have adopted the following policy regarding registration of 2018 foals.  If you have not yet started a registration for your 2018 Holsteiner-eligible foal, we offer you a brief window of extension of the discount price for membership that was offered in August of 2018:

"Every breeder that is currently a member of the AHHA (2017 + 2018) will only pay the yearly membership costs of Euro 100. The former AHHA will pay Euro 75 of the initiation fee for 2017 + 2018 members."

This offer does not apply to foals born in 2019, which is considered a new membership year.

The window of extension ends on May 1, 2019.  Please ensure that you have begun the registration process for your 2018 foals by this date.  

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