The extraordinary breeding district meeting of the members from the extended breeding area (Germany and Europe) held during the Holsteiner stallion grading in Neumünster saw the entire board of the breeding district step down.

Holsteiner Verband chairman Hinrich Köhlbrandt expressed his gratitude to the members of the board with a present, emphasizing the commitment and dedication in particular of Herbert Diederich (previous chairman) during these past eight years.

Afterwards a new board was elected, comprising the following persons:

Chair man: Matthias Wittke (NRW)
Vice chair man: Dr. Maximilian Slawinski (NRW)
Treasurer: Anke Wortmann-Gerlach (NRW)
Secretary: Ina Schmaußer (Bavaria)




The new chairman of the breeding district “extended breeding area - europe": Matthias Wittke (photo: private)


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